The seventh episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Kill The Moon, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for The Caretaker HERE.

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  1. I just couldn't enjoy that episode at all. I'm usually more than happy to suspend my belief at science being stretched – for example, it's actually impossible to travel back in time as far as we understand – but some of the stuff in this episode was just so wrong it was ridiculous.

    -Since when was the moon only 100 million years old? It's been orbiting Earth for about 4.5 BILLION years
    -how did the Apollo astronauts [and subsequent Earth scientists] miss that the moon had no minerals?
    -how did the "bacteria" breath exactly when the moon has no atmosphere?
    -how did the "egg shell" just disintegrate, especially with 100 armed nuclear weapons mixed in?
    -how did a new egg suddenly appear in the sky, from a baby that had already flown away, the same size as the last one?

    Anyway, rant over…hopefully next week's episode about a space train with an immortal mummy will bring us back to some proper scientific fact!

  2. I'm not entirely sure I get what Clara was so angry about at the end, especially given the outcome. Granted, arguments of that scale are often actually about something other than the ostensible subject at hand, so maybe I'm missing something.

  3. He was patronizing for effect, but he still didn't handle it right with Clara. The underlying message dealt with Pro-life vs. Pro-choice I think. Jenna's acting abilities shine through this one!

  4. I think it's the worst episode of the series so far, and they've all been pretty iffy. This went way past "suspension of disbelief". It was just…nonsense.

    I actually like Capaldi as 12… some of the better parts of the S08 episodes have come from him. Choice lines/quips or short scenes, basicaly. Overall the quality of the writing is crap (and was for most of S07 as well, IMO). I'm terribly disappointed.

  5. If the science part of the fiction wasn't bad enough, the ham-fisted anti-abortion message was just too much.

  6. Yeh I agree with most people here. This wasn't one of the better episodes that's for sure. Next weeks looks good and its also a companionless episode by the looks of the next time trailer.

  7. Appallingly bad episode. Totally ridiculous with not even an attempt to get the science correct.

    I detest the anti abortion "message" and loathe "messages" in general on Doctor Who.

  8. To me, this was one of the best episodes in the last couple of years. The idea of the egg is a bit on the preposterous side (but come on, it's DW – when you think about it Weeping Angels can be just as farfetched), but after 17 minutes of straight investigative Who, the episode is wholly driven by characters and a moral dilemma. Clara is a big part of this, as she's finally a character who shows a depth, who does one thing but thinks another. Capaldi seemed incredibly alien opposed to this. When he answers the question of "what do we do?" with "Nothing.", that thrilled me. It goes against our basic expectations of what the Doctor does and what this show does. Him leaving sets up the ending, and the speech Clara does is the most brutally honest someone's been to the Doctor in ages, especially this Doctor. Also terrifically acted by JLC.

    As for complaints about the "anti-abortion message", I think that's surprising as the show has always been about all kinds of life and its various implications on the universe.

    The longer scenes, some great dialogue – excellently executed character-driven drama. Loved it.

  9. I saw the abortion parallels but they were just that – parallels. Abortion deals pretty directly with human relationships, not interspecies relationships. This is more a matter of the effects of invasive species on an environment and whether or not it's ethical to eradicate a species to protect your own. Is self-defense inherently ethical, even if it's a lousy choice? You can find dozens of examples of this with various animal species and how they've impacted society before you ever get anywhere near the abortion topic. Wolves, in North America for instance, were hunted to near extinction levels because of the perceived threat against livestock … but in the wake of massive depopulation, deer and herbivore populations skyrocketed and became a thousand times the nuisance – we created a whole other problem by effectively trying to control nature.

    This episode is a direct parallel to that. As for complaints about "bad science", it's Who, handwaves are easy. Of course the moon, even a moon eggshell has minerals – it still has millions of years of space dirt and asteroid collision on its egg surface. The Doctor's moon date is wrong? Or actively camouflaged and fooled our early studies. Maybe the Moon Creature laid another egg previously. Blah blah handwaves. Easy peasy.

    It certainly has some crazy ramifications – but not really any more than Earth's forming because a Racnoss ship hid in the dust before it coalesced.

  10. Lifelong pro-choicer and abortion supporter, and I have never, ever advocated to allow for third trimester abortions minutes before the birth of the child, which would be equivalent of what the Captain was proposing for the Moon-baby.

    Combine that with the fact that the creature was not inside the Earth, but rather nearby, and simply being assumed as a threat, it seems the message here was consistent with the anti-war, anti-death mentality of Who. 'Shoot first, ask questions later' is the attitude being critiqued here, and at many other points in the season.

    If you're looking to get angry about a supposed anti-choice message here, it's a weak case.

  11. I enjoyed the episode. The acting was top notch. The Doctor finally frightened Clara too much by leaving the decision in her hands. It's so easy, especially today, to let someone else make the decisions, to be responsible, that when it's our turn to be that person it's the most frightening thing in the world. That is where Clara's anger comes from. She was scared of herself and what could have been and had to take out of the man who left that decision to her.

  12. I actually thought it was really good. I think we've gotten so used to the Doctor acting this way (Capaldi's Doctor more up front about it but I felt Matt Smith's and David Tennant's Doctors were just as patronizing… most Doctors are for that matter…) but we get a GREAT exchange between Clara and the Doctor that frankly happens very rarely if ever. It's actually so well written and delivered, it's probably one of the best companion/doctor exchanges since season 1 or 2.

  13. I really appreciated this episode. I understand Clara's reaction, she was really scare, but I don't blame Twelve. I think he couldn't stand that human beings chase again to kill a creature they don't even know. Maybe he was a little bit rude, but he is a good man and he was really happy to see that the "puppy" was still alive. I like Capaldi, I think he's doing a great job.

  14. Have to admit that I quite liked the episode. It was a bit of a guilty pleasure.

    Some plot holes (not unknown in Doctor Who) and some great Doctor/Clara interaction reminiscent of the 7th Doctor and Ace (Fenric/Ghost Light).

    Happy with Capaldi's performance at the moment. The Doctor is different with every regeneration and this change is bold (as it was with Colin Baker). That's always a treacherous road.

    If the Doctor was a human, he'd be a prat. However, if you remember that he's alien, then the way he treats people is not too dissimilar to the way one would treat a pet.

    I'm wondering if the 100 million years is a reference to the moon appearing near the end of the Dinosaurs and Silurian's time.

  15. Oh my, what a dire mess, and I had such hopes for this one from the previews…where to start…so much I think the easiest way will be bullet points, and spread across posts…
    1. The Doctor leaves Clara and Courtney and Adelaide Clone to make a "grey moment" decision affecting the entire future of humanity (even tho 10 years hence there will be a Fixed Point in Time occurring on Mars…apparently humans going back into space isn't so gray after all?). So he can't be a part of this momentous decision,NWO much so that he leaves his terrified companion and a school girl without even some kinds words. Except if he can't be involved, how does he reason that it is okay that 2/3 of the humans making this decision are only there because HE brought them there from their proper place in time, from an entirely different planetary body? Rubbish!
    2. Clara's grand idea for a "fair representative" vote from the peoples of Earth involves asking them to turn their lights out. At night. After all these disasters have happened. In other words, the representative fair vote consists of ONLY the people who happen to: be awake AND on the night side of Earth (sorry Day dreamers!) AND awake to even hear this message AND haven't already turned out their lights / already asleep – AND still actually have electricity after disasters/ dire straights the world is in – who of course can be expected to make a rational decision in the "short time" available.
    3. Oh, what's that? The world governments are in charge of turning out the lights you say? Oh silly me, then the fair representative vote is from the *Government Staff* who happen to be on the night side of Earth AND awake AND actually still have power (electric and elective) AND can schedule meetings AND make such momentous decisions quickly AND rally the power companies to carry out this task despite myriad timers, light sensors, automated systems, etc. Because of course governments act in such a speedy, non-self serving manner all the time. Fantastic idea!

  16. Continued
    4. The creature is so massive that it can cause worldwide devastation by simultaneous high tides over the entire world yet can stir (?) in such a manner as to precisely alter the gravity where Courtney is causing her to float to the ceiling yet the other people less than a YoYo string away are all still experiencing Earth level gravity. On the Moon. Where single celled bacteria also grow to huge size and look like spiders and even use webs and leave cob webs but aren't spiders and can run about in a vacuum.
    5. Said creature can also lay an egg equal in size to the egg it just hatched from AND most impressively match the mass of the previous egg as evidenced by the lack of devastation on the beach from which our intrepid travelers witness this most amazing event. No violation of physics, Gravity, conservation of…oh sod it, it was horrible! What happened to when Who tried to educate and impart some actual science along with the interesting and based in reality fiction?
    6. Really not liking Doctor 12's persona at all. And have adjusted to every new Doctor since Tom Baker but this Doctor is rude, cruel, judgemental, dismissive, condescending and clueless. He displays little to none of the warmth or quirkiness that balanced the *occasional* frustrated snip in previous incarnations. The compassionate genius that was always there, even when just below the surface is not even hinted at still being there. Please let Capaldi be the Doctor we know he can be because this rude, cold harsh take is too alien, too distant, too unforgiving (can't forgive soldiers? Remember the Brigadier and UNIT? Even Journey Blue was trying to leave the military for cryin out loud, is anyone who ever served forever doomed and beyond hope in the Doctors eyes now? Ridiculous, stupid, crude, unlikable and most of all uninteresting. Either warm up or fly away and don't come back til next regen. Only a stoopid pudding head alien stays around lesser creatures it holds so much disdain for. How can anyone like such a person for much longer? Why would anyone want to keep watching such depressing rudeness when it could be fun exciting adventures? THAT is the question you should be asking Mr Moffat.


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