Included below are the details of the latest issue of Kasterborous Magazine, which includes TWO interviews with current Doctor Who, Matt Smith who tells the publication, “I’m not turning into a woman.” You can buy the magazine HERE and a limited edition print copy “package” will follow later in June.
Karen Gillan tells us what she gained from her time on Doctor Who: “I just feel like I’ve learned actually how to act. When I look back at what I was like as an actress when I first started, I just think I didn’t know anything about acting! Through the show I feel like I’ve learned so much, and I’ve learned so much from Matt Smith as well, just because he is the most inventive actor I’ve ever, ever seen work.”

At the Asylum of the Daleks New York premier Matt Smith told us: “I’m going to push to explore the idea of directing. Frankly that’s where the creative power is, I’m fed up of being a puppet!” Meanwhile at the Doctor Who Experience, Matt gives us an idea of how much he will miss Wales: “But the people – I love the Welsh. I think they’re a great bunch. I love their sense of humour. I have great friends in Wales. And it’s a green city and I always feel very welcome here and you know… there’s a great Jamie’s Italian!”

The full contents are:
•    Elton Townend-Jones’ Enlightenment – how should Doctor Who’s 50th be celebrated?
•    Never a Doctored Word with the Valeyard – the Doctor’s alter ego sets the world to rights.
•    Interview: Illustrator Paul Hanley – popular artist reveals his inspirations and plans.
•    The Shape of… The TARDIS – the real star of Doctor Who, the iconic time machine.
•    Crash of Elysium – Tom Macrae discusses his audacious live Doctor Who play.
•    My Mate John IS the Doctor! – John Guilor, the voice of the First Doctor, interviewed.
•    All Monsters Great and Small – Phil Bates meets Matt Smith at the Doctor Who Experience.
•    In the Shed: With a Dalek Builder! – want to build your own Dalek? Gareth Mugridge is the man to ask!
•    The History of Doctor Who Fandom – kicking off an in-depth look at organized fandom.
•    Doctor Who Takes Manhattan – we speak to Matt Smith & Karen Gillan in New York!
•    The Masque Revisited – 38 years later, a trip to Portmeirion revisits The Masque of Mandragora.
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