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Karen Gillan Swaps Doctor Who for the Crown in ‘Fools’

Karen Gillan plays Queen Mary I of England in Fools Composite by Blogtor Who
Karen Gillan plays Queen Mary I of England in Fools

Doctor Who’s former Amy Pond will be playing Mary Tudor in the upcoming film Fools

Karen Gillan has certainly had one of the most productive post-Doctor Who careers of former companions. Since playing Amy Pond between 2010 and 2013, she’s co-starred in several billion dollar films. Next up for the Scottish actor is a project closer to home than the Marvel universe or Jumanji, as she plays Queen Mary I of England in Fools.

Fools focuses on the relationships between Mary, her chief minister Cardinal Pole (Jim Broadbent, The Curse of Fatal Death) and her jester (Patsy Ferran). Following Henry VIII’s death and Mary’s ascension to the throne Pole moves quickly to influence and control her. He encourages all her worst instincts, and seeks to purge the court of any who might oppose him. But as the persecution of Britain’s protestants threatens civil war, there’s one voice Pole has neglected to silence. Mary’s jester, Foole, is the one woman in England who can make her mistress laugh. But beneath the puns and slapstick there’s an empathy and kindness which threatens to derail Pool’s schemes.

Fools is currently in pre-production.


Gillan was also soon be in Stephen King adaptation Life of Chuck and Disney+ show Rhona Who Lives by the River

Other upcoming projects for Karen Gillan include The Life of Chuck, currently in post-production, and co-starring Tom Hiddleston and Mark Hamill in a Stephen King about imaginary characters facing mortality as the man who day dreams them lies dying. There’s also Rhona Who Lives by the River, which reunites Gillan as “the third most interesting Rhona in town” with both Selfie co-star John Cho and Vincent and the Doctor’s Tony Curran. whose life takes a turn when she unexpectedly get magical powers. Also co-starring The Witchfinders’ Alan Cumming, Rhona will be coming to Disney+ soon.



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