Actress Karen Gillan (Amy Pond) was a guest on The Graham Norton Show earlier this evening – watch her interview in the player above. The actress discusses leaving Doctor Who, fans and her new drama, We’ll Take Manhattan. Also featured is Sherlock star, Martin Freeman, who talks about the third series of Sherlock, and “actor” Gerard Butler.

Karen Gillan – Graham Norton radio interview
Matt Smith on The Graham Norton Show
Karen Gillan in We’ll Take Manhattan
BBC Breakfast – Karen Gillan interview
Karen Gillan on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson


  1. Great lineup on that show. Shame he didn't bloody interview them. Still! I know all about Gerard Butler now, so that's nice.

    Cheers for putting up the good bits! Must be a mega timesink. Very much appreciated.

  2. Thanks Rob, it was incredibly frustrating.

    In years to come people will still be watching the work of Freeman (The Office, Sherlock and The Hobbit, I imagine) and Gillan (Doctor Who, obvs) but Butler?

    Hardly. Disappointing from Norton.

  3. I reckon he's probably encouraged by people behind the scenes to talk to the "important" Hollywood stars more, it's a shame


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