Website have a short new piece on the recent Doctor Who filming in New York – check it out in the player above. They are currently shooting Episode 5 of the new series, due to air later this year. Visit the Series 7 Guide HERE and see some behind~the~scenes pics and wallpaper HERE.

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  1. The more I see of these photos and clips (and there aren't any "spoliers" – cue Riversong's voice – that I can see), the more I get the feeling that this will be a devastating departure rather than just heartbreaking. Well, both actually as not seeing Karen or Arthur will take some getting used to. I think they're the first companions I've gotten "attached" to that are leaving. I can only imagine what fans of yesteryear of the past companions, like Jamie and Zoe, or Ian and Barbara, must have felt when they left the show. It's what cast and crew seem to do so well: make you emotionally involved in the show and characters.


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