Seems so. Way back in 2006 (as well as many times before that) it was mooted that DOCTOR WHO could get another spin~off starring K9. A recent report from AUSTRALIA would seem to indicate that production starts next month on the “26 part series”. It will be penned by the tin dog’s creator BOB BAKER (along with some other writers), who recently wrote the screenplay for the OSCAR~winning CURSE OF THE WERE~RABBIT, amongst many other projects. By ‘coincidence’, K9’s very first adventure, THE INVISIBLE ENEMY, is released next week in the UK on DVD as part of a boxset, K•9 TALES, that also contains the very first WHO spin~off, K9 & COMPANY.



  1. BLOGTOR knows all!!!

    Yup, THE INVISIBLE ENEMY and K9 & COMPANY have a two-disc release in the US on Sept 2.

    It’s not called K9 TALES though.

  2. Hmmm….not sure that I’ll be rushing out to buy this combo. I like K9, but I’m afraid that when I think back to his heyday, I can’t quite manage to erase memories of Metal Mickey, and Twiki from Buck Rogers.

    Yikes – imagine the three of them in the same room!

  3. K9, METAL MICKEY and TWIKI all sharing a flat.

    The high~larious new BBC sitcom!

    Starring: Nicholas Lyndhurst as Twiki

  4. Thanks, Blogtor, I figured you would know. I admit, I LURVE the tin dog and even though K-9 Company is totally cheesy, I still love it. AND it is coming out in the US just in time for my birthday!

  5. I remember watching it as a child and lurvin’ it.

    Sadly, when I came to watch it is an ‘adult’, it was not quite as good as I thought it was.


    Still, to paraphrase, what’s the point in being grown up if you can’t be childish?


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