Blogtor Who is looking for some new staff members to help us celebrate our Time Lord. We want to find people interested in becoming news writers, news hounds and reviewers as well as those unsung artist who love to create comics, video and more.

But don’t feel that working with us limits you to just Doctor Who. We love theatre, movies, TV, audio dramas and more, especially if those involved were once associated with our beloved Gallifreyan! If we can support the actors and creative teams in their adventures beyond the Whoniverse, we are more than glad to do it.  So we produce articles, reviews and other pieces about everything from Big Finish Originals, RSC’s Macbeth to Good Omens and Game of Thrones on our site.

If you join us, you might find yourself flying high in a WWII Spitfire via an audio story or lost on a strange planet through a Titan Comic graphic novel.  And if that doesn’t suit, you can even become a crack newshound, hunting out the latest stories for us to cover.

Right now we are particular need of Reviewers for Big Finish, BBC Books and other brilliant stuff.  As well as artists who would love to create new images and stories for our site. 

We usually don’t search during the Doctor Who season but we’re almost halfway through Series 12 and we’d thought we’d try something different this time.

To start your application, just send us a news article or a review, of between 300 and 500 words, and a shorter piece saying why you want to work with us on BlogtorWho. Or if you are an artist, a few drawings, videos or such. Finally, tell us a little bit about yourself, particularly any previous experience.

Send your application to So we can easily find your email, please include INTERESTED IN JOININGin the subject line.

Applications will be accepted throughout the year.  We look forward to hearing from you.

P.S. This is not a paid role but there are the occasional perks, plus it looks great on a CV!


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