The BBC have issued promotional pictures of actor John Simm (The Master) in his upcoming drama series, Exile. Read more about it HERE and click on the images below for bigger versions.

Exile Ep 1 airs
9pm, May 1 on BBC 1/HD

Thanks to BBC Pictures
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Cameron K. McEwan
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  1. Thanks for this news!!!
    Love ♥ John Simm ♥

    It 's a great actor and I always thank him for his good choices.

    And I thank you for this news, I did not know that already aired this month: D

    ps: I'm not so informed just because I live in Italy unfortunately.
    Here, not to broadcast anything good on TV.
    Mini-series such as this are sure that we do not we ever see.
    So as not yet arrived:
    "Devil's Whore" or "Mad Dogs" or "Torchwood" or "Ashes to Ashes" or "State of Play" or "The Lakes".
    Do you think that Doctor Who (2005) we arrived just now!
    Only in recent months, we finally got to see on television all the new seasons of Doctor!
    No Comment!!!

    Sorry for the outburst and my mistakes. 🙁


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