Actor John Hurt has been talking to the Eastern Daily Press about his role in the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special.
Hurt, who was announced last month as one of the 3D film’s guest stars, was appearing at the Sheringham Little Theatre when he spoke to the Eastern Daily Press. The actor revealed he he had just finished shooting the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special in which he plays
“part of the Doctor” in a “kind of trinity” which includes David
Visit the episode section for more news on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special HERE.

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  1. I think I've got it! Hurt's not playing an alternative Ninth Doctor – if he's in a trinity with Ten and Eleven, I think he's playing an amalgamation of all of the Doctor's pre-Ten incarnations. He won't be Nine – he'll be One-to-Nine. His costume and appearance fit it to a T.

  2. We've been Moffated

    get over it

    The Classics are dead ask any kid who Homer is. They'll say DOH!

    Tick Tock goes the clock now that Moffats killed all the Classic Doctor's
    Tick Tock goes the clock now all the old loyal fans forgotten

  3. I think I'd be more inclined to believe he's a future version of the Doctor (perhaps 12th)…and with 10, and 11 they make up the pre, during, and post strife parts of the Doctor of whatever event occurs at Trenzalore. My two cents…but yeah the theory that he's an amalgamation of the previous 9 Docs is probably more accurate…and will do nothing but piss me off.

  4. John Hurt is the Doctor during the Time War created by the Time Lords as in Trail of a Time Lord

    He is past the worse of the Doctor as said in above entitled programme. Therefore his name was not Doctor it was Valeyard. His costume is that of all the Doctor's past present and future for example the 9th Doctor's coat the 8th waist coat. The Valeyard was mentioned for a reason. Which Doctor would the Time Lord us to fight the Daleks? I most ruthless dark evil version of him between his 12th and 13th regenerations. The Time Lords can grab whatever Doctor they like or need. And the Valeyard was needed. As in in the episode the Dalek series 1 of reboot the 9th Doctor told the Dalek "I had not choice" the John Hurt Doctor "what I did I did without choice" since the first regenration after the Time War is believed to be the 9th that explains that.

    The big change it Docotr Who will be more regenerations.

    The only question is why is there a crack in the 11ths TARDIS from landing and the dying TARDIS?

    Scrapyard is Back


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