John Barrowman was a guest today on Steve Wright in the Afternoon on BBC Radio 2. During the interview he discuses the future of Captain Jack in Doctor Who and confirms that Torchwood will be back for 13 episodes. Hear it in the player below.


  1. Wow! 'tis returning through the dark huh? xD Don't know weather I should rejoice at Torchwoods returning or not LOL I thought Children of Earth was a brilliant, a perfect finale for the show. Honestly I think it'll be quite difficult to top this.

  2. I just stated publicly on my blog that I wanted a new series of Torchwood for Christmas, and the next day you post this from Barrowman.

    I want a pony, too. And I'm stating that publicly right now.

    And a trip to Cardiff from San Diego to watch the location shooting when it happens and also to hang with my Doctor Who Facebook friends for The End of Time parts one and two.

    And I want Matt Smith to get a new haircut.

    But mostly a pony.

  3. I still have not forgiven Russell T Davies for destroying Torchwood in the Children of Earth series. Seriously what is up with you Brits killing off beloved characters in popular television.

  4. The reason for the killing of beloved characters is this… It's shocking. It's a great program because it takes risks, it doesn't go the safe way because fans want them to. They punch you in the guts, give you the finger, and moves on creating for controversy.

    I cannot wait to see how they do Series 4.

  5. You see, my problem is exactly that. A show that kills characters for only shock value. That´s not good TV. If the death of the character is part of a good story, so be it, but just for the kicks? It´s annoying. I´m going to watch Torchwood 4 just to see how the hell do they dig themselves out of the hole they bury themselves into.

  6. It's just for the commercial values, fans must buy their limited books/pictures with their signatures @ limited edition, DVD's, Book's and Audio Books.

    This how they make extra money, soon you will realise it just a gimmick to see how they branding of the TV series.

    I don't mind as long as the show have and can give me extremely high quality script.

    From Malaysia with LOVE

  7. oh my god, I can't tell you how excited and happy I am that TORCHWOOD is coming back. I miss John and Eve so much!! I can't wait to see them again, I really can't. I love John the most!!


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