Doctor Who’s John Barrowman is in hospital following an incident on the set of ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

At the start of tonight’s edition of popular ITV reality show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! hosts Dec Donnelly and Holly Willoghby informed the viewers that Doctor Who actor John Barrowman had been injured in an incident yesterday. He is currently receiving treatment in hospital.

The hosts emphasized that Barrowman’s injuries are not serious. However, there is doubt about whether Barrowman will be able to rejoin the show. They have suspended his place in the program pending medical advice. Refunds are being offered to his supporters who voted for him yesterday.

The ITV program involves celebrities living together in the Australian jungle, while performing tasks to earn food for the camp. In addition, they compete against each other for the public’s vote to avoid eviction. Ultimately they compete to be crowned King or Queen of the Jungle. Barrowman entered the jungle sixteen days ago and has competed in several challenges. His heroics have included climbing on frames over a cliff edge and pushing a row boat across a lake by swim power alone. Another challenge saw him dive into a sunken ship filled with twenty crocodiles to recover stars and win meals for his camp mates. (Yes, they were real crocodiles but they were relatively small ones.)

However, his injury came from nothing so dramatic. Assigned cleaning duties in the campsite, he was carrying a heavy pot to be cleaned in the creek when he tripped on uneven ground and severely sprained his ankle.


Blogtor Who extends our best wishes to John Barrowman and wish him a speedy recovery.

Blogtor Who extends our best wishes to Barrowman and wish him a speedy recovery. As a vital and enthusiastic ambassador for the Doctor Who family, we sincerely hope he’s back on his feet and on our screens soon. He had been greatly enjoying his time in the jungle, and had been an early favourite to win. So we also hope he gets to rejoin the camp. His husband Scott Gill, and his parents John Sr and Marion have been in Australia supporting John. So they are fortunately on hand during his hospital stay.


I’m a Celebrity airs on ITV at 9pm GMT daily.


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