The official Doctor Who website’s #StayingInTheTARDIS initiative has attracted some famous faces this week, as celebrity couple Joe Sugg and Dianne Buswell take part in the Doctor Who cooking challenge!

At the end of last month, the official Doctor Who website launched a new page, ‘Staying In The TARDIS‘, which offers new challenges, stories, and activities to entertain fans whilst we’re stuck at home.

The first instalment of this initiative, launched on April 29th, challenged fans to create their own unique Doctor-inspired outfits using whatever they could find in their wardrobes. This challenge received a fantastic response, with many fans getting involved and sharing their creations on Twitter using the hashtag #StayingInTheTARDIS:

This week, Doctor Who fans have been challenged to get creative in a different way. ‘Staying In The TARDIS’ has asked people to share their edible Doctor Who-inspired creations, whether they’re cakes, biscuits, or even fish fingers and custard!

Among those who have taken part in this challenge so far are celebrity couple Joe Sugg and Diane Buswell, who readers will most likely remember as one of the pairs of finalists from the 2018 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

On Sunday (10th May), fans were surprised to see this well-known couple take part in the ‘Staying In The TARDIS’ cooking challenge, as they attempted to re-create the TARDIS in biscuit form live on their YouTube cooking channel In The Pan, as well as on Sugg’s Instagram. You can watch back their livestream and see how they did on YouTube:

Other fans have also been sharing their edible creations via Twitter, with varying degrees of success!

Elsewhere on ‘Staying In The TARDIS’ this week, there are a whole host of other activities for you to get involved with at home. The Doctor Who website has shared another recipe from Joanna Farrow’s Doctor Who: The Official Cookbook – this time it’s an Adipose pavlova! There’s also a TARDIS dot-to-dot puzzle, a Thirteenth Doctor colouring-in page, plus a TARDIS word-search available to download for free.

As well as all that, the first issue of Titan Comics‘ Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor series is still available to download for free via Comixology. (You can read BlogtorWho‘s review of Issue #1 here!) What’s more, there’s a range of quizzes to test your Doctor Who knowledge, plus bonus video content to watch.

Check out this week’s ‘Staying In The TARDIS’ activities on the official Doctor Who website, and why not share your creations using the hashtag #StayingInTheTARDIS?


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