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Jodie Whittaker’s First Interview after her Announcement as the 13th Doctor

JODIE WHITTAKER - (C) Red Productions - Photographer: Mark Mainz

Well Jodie Whittaker has been announced as the first female Doctor.  Jodie is familar to many fans of Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch when she had a breakthrough performance as Beth the mother of the murdered boy.

So what does Jodie have to say about taking the role as the Doctor?

1) What does it feel like to be the Thirteenth Doctor?

It’s very nerve-racking, as it’s been so secret!

2) Why did you want the role?

To be asked to play the ultimate character, to get to play pretend in the truest form:  this is why I wanted to be an actor in the first place. To be able to play someone who is literally reinvented on screen, with all the freedoms that brings: what an unbelievable opportunity. And added to that, to be the first woman in that role

3) Has it been hard to keep the secret?

Yes. Very hard! I’ve told a lot of lies! I’ve embroiled myself in a whole world of lies which is going to come back at me when this is announced!

4) Who was the first person you told when you got the role?

My husband. Because I was allowed to!

5) Did you have a codename and if so what was it?

In my home, and with my agent, it was The Clooney. Because to me and my husband, George is an iconic guy. And we thought: what’s a really famous iconic name? It was just fitting.

6) What does it feel like to be the first woman Doctor?

It feels completely overwhelming, as a feminist, as a woman, as an actor, as a human, as someone who wants to continually push themselves and challenge themselves, and not be boxed in by what you’re told you can and can’t be. It feels incredible.

7) What do you want to tell the fans?

I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.

8) What are you most excited about?

I’m most excited about becoming part of a family I didn’t even know existed. I was born in 1982, it’s been around longer than me, and it’s a family I couldn’t ever have dreamed I’d be part of.

9) How did Chris sell you the part?

We had a strange chat earlier this year where he tricked me into thinking we were talking about Broadchurch. And I started to quiz him about his new job in Wales, and asked him if I could be a baddie! And he quickly diverted the conversation to suggest I should consider auditioning to be the 13th Clooney.

It was the most incredible chat because I asked every question under the sun, and I said I’d take a few weeks to decide whether I was going to audition. He got a phone call within 24 hours. He would’ve got a phone call sooner, but my husband was away and there was a time difference!

10) Did he persuade you?

No. There was no persuasion needed. If you need to be persuaded to do this part, you’re not right for this part, and the part isn’t right for you. I also think, for anyone taking this on, you have to want to fight for it, which I certainly had to do. I know there will have been some phenomenal actors who threw their hats in the ring.

11) What are you going to wear?

Don’t know yet.

12) Is that your costume in the filmed sequence which introduced you as the new Doctor?


13) Have any of the other Doctors given you advice?

Well they can’t because they haven’t known until now, but I’m certainly expecting a couple of calls – I’ve got a couple of mates in there. I’m mates with a companion [Arthur Darvill], I’m mates with a trio of Doctors. I know Matt Smith, Chris Eccleston and obviously David Tennant. Oh! And let’s throw in David Bradley! Four Doctors! So I’m hoping I get some calls of advice.

(JODIE WHITTAKER - (C) Red Productions - Photographer: Mark Mainz
(JODIE WHITTAKER – (C) Red Productions – Photographer: Mark MainzJoid


  1. I’m looking forward to the new season and the new Doctor, I have no problem with your gender, because as long as Dr. Who has been around, it’s always about change. I don’t like the people who are putting down the idea of a woman Doctor, they are not true Whovians,

  2. Finally! Cringey feminist jokes, cringey idiot male companions, cringey how being female is superior to being male quips! Can’t wait this cannot fail not at all.

  3. I’m a man and I love that the Doctor is a woman in her latest regeneration. It’s a different perspective that will bring something fresh to the show. I’m most intrigued about how she’s going to interact with Madame Vastra, Jenny, and Strax should they have the opportunity to return. I’m boldly going forward with this choice and excited by what will show up on my screen. If it doesn’t work, there’s always #14, but I expect this to work for quite a few people. I would advise those that are against it to at least watch an episode so that you can say you made an informed choice rather than whining about the fact that they view the Doctor as weaker because she’s regenerated into a woman.

    • Tbh this is the first stage of any doctor, there are always ppl talking about quitting the show blagh blagh blagh. Whether the 13 doctor works or not will have nothing to do with her gender, but with her acting skills and the writing. She has been brilliant in everything I seen her in, so for me the successfulness of her doctor will be in the writing.

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