Here is the first look at the new Thirteenth Doctor.

Meet the first female Doctor – Jodie Whittaker. Some may recognise this fine actress from her role in Chris Chibnall’s acclaimed crime drama ‘Broadchurch’.



  1. Welcome to the universe, and good-bye to the show.

    Prepare to suffer the same fate as Ghostbusters 2016, Doctor Who. It was a fun ride.

  2. Michelle Gomez was a great Master. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jodie Whittaker makes of the Doctor!

  3. Everyone is comparing this casting to Missy, you can’t!
    The Master is a bit part player in the story, the Doctor has to carry the show and lead.
    Michelle Gomez is is a force of nature and quite a presence, I don’t know if Jodie Whittaker can pull it off.
    I’m worried