Filming for series 11 has started and we have a new costume for Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor.

Take a look at this new picture from the BBC and let us know what you think


  1. I like the outfit but I worry for Jodie’s well being when they shoot starting January. My first thought was OMG she’s going to FREEZE to death! Three parkas won’t keep her warm in this outfit and the coat is too thin! I love the culottes idea and colour, and the striped top and suspenders and the shoes and socks, but the lowcut neck and the gap between socks and culottes makes me cold just to look at her! (I know, I know, I am a worry-wort)!

  2. I agree with Andy, the outfit rocks, Claudia mentioned the cold weather they may have a few different options at the moment cropped trousers winter long length.

    I wonder if we will see Jodie’s Doctor in a dress or skirt for informal stilettoes


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