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JNT: Uncut – John Nathan Turner: The Complete and Unedited BBV Interview

John Nathan Turner's far reaching interview with BBV is finally available complete and unedited .

BBV’s landmark interview with the late Doctor Who producer John Nathan Turner will be available complete and unedited for the first time

BBV Productions have announced the release of JNT: Uncut, their complete and unedited interview with John Nathan Turner. Clips from the interview have previously been used for Doctor Who DVD and Blu-Ray extras.  But this is the first time the full interview has been released in its entirety.

John Nathan Turner began working on Doctor Who in 1968 with The Space Pirates, before working on production for several serials in the Pertwee era. In 1979 he became producer for the series, performing the role until the series was cancelled in 1989. During his time as producer he oversaw the eras of four Doctors. From Tom Baker’s final season to Sylvester McCoy’s walk into the sunset with Ace, for a decade he defined Doctor Who. Nathan Turner’s death in 2002 came early in the days of the DVD range, and before the show’s revival. As a result, the interview is a rare insight into one of the most significant figures in Doctor Who history.

The interview was conducted by Bill Baggs, who regarded the Doctor Who producer as one of his most intriguing subjects. “I had the pleasure of working with many Doctor Who luminaries over the years, but JNT was by far the most intriguing. For the first time on camera he talked candidly about the love/hate relationship he had with the show.”

JNT: Uncut will be released in May, and is available to pre-order for £10.99 exclusively from www.bbvproductions.co.uk.


The new BBV website also brings you rare classic audio plays and films from the world of Doctor Who and beyond

The newly launched website also collects BBV Productions’ back catalogue of 40 audio adventures and 20 video productions. Additionally, there will also be several new releases. Available to many younger fans for the first time, these productions represent a missing link in Doctor Who’s legacy. They feature both cast and monsters from the classic series. But alongside them is also some of the earliest work by modern figures like Nicholas Briggs and Mark Gatiss.

The audio dramas produced by BBV contained many stories set in the Doctor Who universe. The Audio Adventures in Time & Space feature many Doctor Who concepts, such as Sontarans, Rutans, Zygons, Wirrn, and the Rani. The Audio Adventures also brought back Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Elisabeth Sladen in new roles, some straying close to the roles they performed in Doctor Who. These titles are now available as digital downloads from the BBV site.

However, BBV’s most memorable contributions to the world of Doctor Who were its video releases. The P.R.O.B.E. series, written by Mark Gatiss, sees Caroline John reprise her role as Liz Shaw. Years after her adventures with UNIT, Liz takes command of a new organisation dealing with the supernatural. The Auton trilogy has UNIT do battle with the Nestene Consciousness and their deadly army of plastic warriors. Finally, psychiatrist Lauren Anderson clashes with Cyberons and Zygons in the features Cyberon and Zygon: When Being You Just Isn’t Enough. And these can now be ordered on DVD from the BBV site.

The final release coinciding with the launch of the website is the latest P.R.O.B.E. Case File, Goo!, available to download for the low price of 99p. Further episodes in the series will be released fortnightly.



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