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Jinkx Monsoon Leads New Doctor Who Series 14 Cast Update!

The latest additions to the Doctor Who Series 14 cast

Drag Race Queen of Queens Jinkx Monsoon will be taking a “major role” in the next series of Doctor Who!

As filming continues on Doctor Who Series Fourteen, the cast list continues to grow! We now know six new names of the people who will be the Doctor’s newest friends, foes, or even just passers-by. Who will play a major part in his and Ruby’s adventures? And who might not even survive past the cliffhanger scream as the cold open heads into the titles? We’ll have to wait and see. But one thing we do know if that the series features a “major role” for modern drag legend Jinkx Monsoon!

Some fans will know Jinkx best for winning RuPaul’s Drag Race not once, but twice, being crowned ‘Queen of Queens’ in the All Star season. But she’s also a celebrated actor, and has just finished a sell-out eight week run as Mama Morton in the world famous musical Chicago on Broadway.


Jinkx Mansoon, appearing in Doctor Who Series 14 in a "major role" (c) BBC Studios/Bad Wolf
Jinkx Mansoon, appearing in Doctor Who Series 14 in a “major role” (c) BBC Studios/Bad Wolf

Doctor Who will never be the same again!”

Series Fourteen showrunner, Russell T Davies, was characteristically effusive in his praise for his latest star. “In a galaxy of comets and supernovas, here comes the biggest star of all,” he said, “Jinkx Monsoon is on a collision course with the TARDIS, and Doctor Who will never be the same again!”

Monsoon herself returned the favour, saying, “I’m honoured, thrilled, and utterly excited to join Doctor Who! Russell T Davies is a visionary and a brilliant writer— I can’t wait to get into the weeds with him and the crew! I hope there’s room in the TARDIS for my luggage.”


Jinkx Monsoon, one of the stars of Doctor Who Series 14 (c) BBC Studios/Bad Wolf

Several other actors also join the cast this month, though their roles are still closely guarded secrets

Monsoon is just one of the new additions to the Doctor Who call sheet. Bhav Joshi was in Vigil as one of the detectives on shore in Scotland following up clues into a murder on a submarine while Suranne Jones’ Silva untangled the mystery at sea. Audiences will have also seen him recently as Jinn in Sky’s horror comedy The Baby. With A Castle for Christmas’ Eilidh Loan also joining Doctor Who it hints perhaps at a Scotland set episode.

Pete MacHale makes history as the first openly trans man to appear in Doctor Who. Fans may know him as playing the younger version of Billy is flashbacks in Gangs of London. But he’s also notable as a writer and artist, including the play Dear Young Monster about growing up trans.

Meanwhile, fellow new cast member Miles Yekinni has had a long career of guest appearances in high profile shows like Slow Horses, Britannia, Jack Ryan, and Krypton. And finally Hemi Yeroham may be best remembered as Dimitri in Mamma Mia! But he’s also a familiar voice to millions, providing voiceovers for many trailers, ads, and even audio description on Netflix! A pointer, perhaps, to him voicing one of the various new creatures, computers and robots bound to appear in Series Fourteen.


Doctor Who 60th Anniversary poster (c) BBC Studios

Doctor Who returns in November with three 60th Anniversary specials



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