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Jenna talks “big gap” for Series 8

Actress Jenna-Louise Coleman, new companion Clara Oswald, has been talking about Doctor Who Series 8 and has revealed that there could be a substantial amount of time before it appears on our screens. She said:

“There could be a big gap ­until the next series. I think the writer Steven Moffat is off doing Sherlock and there’ll be a lot of preparation for the 50th anniversary special.”


  1. Moffat is 'knackered' from producing next to no episodes in that past two years, and now there's talk of ANOTHER lack of episodes. Love Moffat's writing, but it's time for a showrunner who is going to actually, you know, put Doctor Who on the air. enough already!

  2. As someone who's not a huge fan of Moffat's style as showrunner, I'm not heartened by the thought of waiting a year or so for another run of episodes which won't be up to much. It's clear now that Moffat's great for the odd story but hasn't got what it takes to actually run the show. His own ideas are very one-note and repetitive and his image of the Doctor as some fairy-tale character madman-in-a-box is just tiresome.

  3. @jack – hear, hear!

    We already know 8 won't air till spring 2014. That's a year's gap. She just means it won't air in the fall, which we knew already.

  4. Not ungrateful but the scheduling is awful. It feels like the show is never on. What's wrong with a straight 13 episode series with a Christmas special? All of these half series and breaks…it's just getting old.

    One episode and then a break…five episodes…then another break…here you go here is a Christmas special…break.

    Let's just say I'm looking forward to next Saturday.

  5. Perhaps having a gap between 7 and 8 will persuade Matt to do another series, so he can go and film something else in between? Grasping at straws here …

  6. A bit of basic research on this 'quote' wouldn't go amiss before panicking everybody, Blogtor.

    Sherlock and the 50th Anniversary have both basically started production.

    Also, that quote does not appear in the article the photo comes from: http://www.standard.co.uk/lifestyle/esmagazine/who-are-you-calling-a-sidekick-jennalouise-coleman-is-sexing-up-the-tardis-8505559.html

    There are no other appearances of the quote anywhere else on the web.

    If you want to report "The Mirror has said…", fine, but all these caveats need to be attached.

  7. "…writer Steven Moffat is off doing Sherlock…"

    Hey! You're the showrunner! Run the damn show already! Don't just use it as a stepping stone to get some fun little pet project on the air!

    It'd be okay if I didn't think the writing on Who was slipping, but when the fun little side project is so much better, I feel a little betrayed.

    Sometimes people cheat on their wives and they have a wonderful time with their new mistress, but eventually you have to divorce your wife so maybe SHE can be happy, too, you selfish prick.

    Ah, this is so much more convenient than driving into the desert and screaming. 😉

  8. Jack, when you take in to context the fact that A)This if the 50th anniversary and that B) That Moffat time and time again in 2010, 11 and 12 said that Doctor Who would "take over" TV in 2013 and that so far we had one Doctor Who edition of a gameshow, I think that fans has a grievance. This year we are getting (including Xmas special) 10 episodes which is a drop down of three since 2010.

  9. There'll be a fair gap between series 7 and 8, we knew that already. We've got the 50th in between. Steven's busy, but Matt's busy doing his film as well so it's not just one guy putting everything on hold. And we've already heard that Steven already has plans for the next series, and Sherlock and Who (expect maybe Christmas) are already written so there's no reason to think it won't be on around this time next year. And if it's not, who cares? Quality over quantity; series 7 benefited from a bit of a delay, so if one is necessary then series 8 will as well.

  10. I've really enjoyed Moffat's time as showrunner. I think he is lightyears ahead of RTD. And Tennant never felt like "the Doctor" to me.

    What hurts Tennant the most in my eyes is Hugh Laurie was portraying Greg House at the same time Tennant was the Doctor. I can't help compare the two, and it makes me realize how DREADFUL Tennant truly was.

    What gets me is how the First Doctor was a cranky and combative, and after he left the show, they moved away from that portrayal, seemingly convinced that such characters won't attract an audience. The ULTIMATE move away from Hartnell's cranky Doctor was Tennant, who was basically some gleeful too-cool-for-school party animal.

    And then Hugh Laurie just BLOWS THE DOORS OFF, demonstrating that you can not only do something very similar to Hartnell's cranky Doctor, but have a smash hit TV show with it.

    Laurie just devastated Tennant forever.

    I'm glad Tennant left. His reign is simply unwatchable under the withering lights of Hugh Laurie's work done at the same time. Moffat came at the right time, and Matt Smith is a much better Doctor, able to better sell me on his isolation and oddness. He's not "too cool".

    I hope Moffatt stays as long as he can. I fear what happens when he goes.


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