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It only feels like yesterday that Jenna Coleman made her Doctor Who departure, but it’s actually been nearly eight months since Clara Oswald left the TARDIS in the Series 9 finale, Hell Bent.

Since leaving the show, Jenna has been working hard on filming the new eight-part ITV drama ‘Victoria’, in which she plays the eponymous queen in her early years on the throne.

Now that production has wrapped, Jenna made an appearance at last night’s Television Critics Association Summer Tour to promote the new series, which is due to premiere later this year on UK screens and in January 2017 in the United States. While much of the focus of the event was understandably on Victoria itself, that didn’t stop some interviewers asking Jenna a few questions about her time on Doctor Who – with some interesting responses!

Speaking to Collider, Jenna acknowledged Peter Capaldi’s recent comments that sparked much speculation about a potential return for Clara at some point in the near future. However, it doesn’t seem like Jenna is planning to hop back aboard the TARDIS just yet, saying:

We had the exit in the works for so long. Who knows, in the future. But I think, at least for a good while, Clara is probably broken down somewhere in time and space, trying to understand how to work a TARDIS with Ashildr/Maisie [Williams]. You don’t want to unpick it, in any way. Steven [Moffat] spoke about the exit for so long, and I think he did such a great job. From “Face the Raven” to the finale of twists and turns, I couldn’t really ask for anything more. It’s been an incredible three series. That was that unique time in my life, and that was amazing.

Jenna also spoke briefly about her experience on the show, having served as one of the longest running companions – and indeed, currently holding the title as the longest serving companion in the modern Doctor Who series:

It’s such a different way of working. It’s such a unique show and a unique beast, in itself. Every two weeks is so, so different, and you’re playing that story with an over-arching character. It really is the relationships with Matt [Smith] and Peter [Capaldi] that made that job everything that is it, and what they taught me as actors. They’re so uniquely wonderful. They’re really amazing friends. I think I was lucky to have fallen into the hands of both of them, and they’re really good friends today. 

Only time will tell if Jenna decides to eventually return to Doctor Who, but even if it’s only for a small one-off appearance, we’d love to see her back. In the meantime, you can look forward to witnessing her crowning glory in the starring role of ITV’s Victoria later this year.

You can check out an extended preview of Jenna’s exciting new drama below, and stay tuned to Blogtor for more on Victoria in the future.


  1. My money is on her coming back at Christmas 2017 to help see Moffat’s era off. It’ll have been 2 years which is on par with Rose when she came back.


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