Jenna Coleman in The Observer Magazine

Actress Jenna Coleman has been speaking to The Observer Magazine about leaving the Doctor Who, Peter Capaldi and Series 9. Check out what she had to say below:

“My contract came up last year and I decided that because I’d only done one series with Peter [Capaldi], I wanted a bit more time to explore that relationship.

Also, he’s the Gandalf of Doctor Who!

He seems to have that mythical thing about him, and we’re great buddies behind the scenes.

You pick up a script and get a sniff of where things are going, but any speculation Peter and I have, the story never goes in that direction.”

Jenna Coleman will be seen starring alongside Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Series 9, which starts airing in various countries around the world in Autumn, debuting with The Magician’s Apprentice. As exclusively revealed HERE by Blogtor last week, the new series will have 12 episodes.


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