What’s the worst thing that could happen to a mother? Jenna Coleman is about to find out in The Cry, coming soon to BBC One.

She’s spent a couple of years reigning over ITV drama in Victoria, but now Jenna Coleman is coming back to the home of Doctor Who. However, this time it’s for a very different drama indeed! Thanks to a new trailer, we finally have our first look at her emotional BBC return in The Cry

The Cry is a new four-part psychological drama based on the bestselling book by Helen FitzGerald. Jenna plays Joanna, a young mother whose life is turned upside down when her child is abducted in Australia. The story follows the impact the abduction has on Joanna’s family and marriage as they face the scrutiny of the media. Ewen Leslie also stars, as Joanna’s husband Alister.

The series is produced by Glasgow-based Synchronicity Films with the backing of Creative Scotland, December Media, Film Victoria and Sunbird Media Ltd. Filming took place in Scotland and Australia.

The Cry is coming soon to BBC One.


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