Eye for Murder Word Lord_lockdownload

Two new #lockdownloads for this week - An Eye for Murder and The Word Lord (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Colin Baker Sylester McCoy Nicola Bryant Sixth Doctor Seventh Doctor Peri

Two new #lockdownloads for this week – An Eye for Murder and The Word Lord. Warning tape crisscrosses the image, yellow, with black lines, and black text reading ‘Lockdownload.’ Behind the tape are two audio covers. On the left, we see the Sixth Doctor and Peri back to back, with the TARDIS standing at an angle lower in the image so that the centre is lined up with the corner of the Police Box. The colours are washed out with a blue grey tinge. On the other side, the Seventh Doctor leans forward, with a serious, thoughtful expression. Barely visible on either side are the faces of Ace and Hex, his companions. Below, the TARDIS sits at an unsteady angle, its doors open to reveal the 1996 version of the console room, all wood and brass,. It sits on a desert wasteland with pyramids visible in the distance. The image is coloured with firey reds and oranges. (c) Big Finish Productions

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