21 April 2018 is Record Store Day and sees the release on vinyl of classic  Doctor Who episodes City of Death and The Tomb of the Cybermen.

For those of us who love Doctor Who and who also love vinyl records, this year’s Record Store Day is set to be super exciting!  Now in it’s 11th year, RSD2018 is supported by BBC Music and includes a wide-ranging and hugely impressive release list that includes City of Death and The Tomb of the Cybermen on vinyl from Demon Records.

Both stories are previously unreleased on vinyl and each LP features newly commissioned gatefold artwork as well as sleeve notes and set photos.  We could weep with joy!

City of Death

In 1979 when City of Death was first screened on TV, coloured vinyl was all the rage.  In keeping with this, the 2LP version comes in an eye-watering heavyweight translucent green vinyl in a limited release of 3000 units worldwide.

Synopsis: City of Death is a classic Doctor Who story starring Fourth Doctor Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and Julian Glover. Whilst sightseeing in Paris, the Doctor and Romana notice a series of unexplained temporal disturbances. When a visit to the Louvre lands them in hot water, they realise that a certain Count Scarlioni knows more about advanced technology than a 20th-century Parisian should. With British detective Duggan in tow, the time travellers become embroiled in an audacious plot to steal the Mona Lisa and sell it on the open market.

The Tomb of the Cybermen

The Tomb of the Cybermen is a double LP that suitably comes in heavyweight silver vinyl in a limited release of 3000 units worldwide.

Synopsis: The Second Doctor faces the dreaded Cybermen in the digitally remastered soundtrack of the classic BBC TV story, with linking narration by Frazer Hines. It has legendary status amongst Whovians as the serial was believed lost for many years until discovered in Hong Kong in 1992.The action of The Tomb of the Cybermen follows directly on from that of the preceding serial The Evil of the Daleks, with the Doctor and Jamie welcoming the newly orphaned Victoria aboard the TARDIS. Commissioned as Doctor Who and the Cybermen Planet, this was the third encounter between the Doctor and his half-human, half-machine foes. It was co-written by Kit Pedler, who devised the Cybermen in The Tenth Planet, and Gerry Davis, the story editor who had helped develop them.

World Record Day is on 21 April 2018. Make sure you support you local shop!


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