Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4 (c) Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Madame Vastra Jago & Litefoot Jenny Flint Sontaran Strax

Paternoster Gang: Heritage 4. The Paternoster Gang stand in a snowy Victorian street. Vastra,the reptile Silurian, in black Victorian gentlewoman’s dress, her head slightly tilted, looking pleased with herself, is at the front. Behind her left shoulder is Jenny, similarly dressed, early 20s with dark hair, looks thrilled. Behind her left shoulder is the Sontaran Strax, in a plaid Victorian tweed suit, seen in profile, looking out at the corner of his eye towards us with obvious disgust. Behind Vastra’s right shoulder is Jago (early 50s, huge mustache and sideburns) looking quietly pleased, dressed in dark Victorian gentleman’s suit, overcoat, and top hat, holding a cane, amd wrapped cozily in grey woolen scarf (c) Big Finish Productions

Catrin Stewart, Trevor Cooper, Dan Starkey, Neve Mcintosh, Elizabeth Bower, Christopher Benjamin 2