We’ve all dreamed, hoped and wished to one day take a journey in the TARDIS. How far we’ve all taken this flight of fantasy is another thing. If you’re really dedicated to TARDIS travel there is a new book that is just for you.

We’ve only just been introduced to the new TARDIS in the most recent episode The Ghost Monument, but it was a fleeting appearance. There is more to be discovered about the Thirteenth’s Doctor’s ship. To do that its always best to know the context as well, and this book explores the TARDIS throughout its many changes, featuring every incarnation including the most recent.

Governed by Time Lord technology, the TARDIS type 40 is the most powerful craft on the universe and this comprehensive fully illustrated manual holds the key to its operation.

The manual covers the console with fully detailed schematic diagrams for each function, the ship’s famous chameleon circuit, as well as floor plans, specifics of dematerialisation, the use of force fields and tractor beams and much more.

TARDIS Manual - c BBC DW Books
TARDIS Manual – c BBC DW Books

The manual is filled with case studies which make this an essential guide to the wonders of the Whoniverse.

The TARDIS Type 40 manual has been written by Mike Tucker and Richard Atkinson. Richard is a long time contributor to Doctor Who Books and Doctor Who magazine. Mike Tucker has written several Doctor Who novels along with other spin-offs. He has also written numerous factual books as alongside his writing he works as a Visual Effects Designer. His company, The Model Unit, recently won a BAFTA craft award for its miniature effects on Doctor Who’s 50th-anniversary episode The Day of the Doctor.

TARDIS Manual - (c) BBC DW Books
TARDIS Manual – (c) BBC DW Books

The book is full of detailed 3D illustrations, diagrams, schematics etc. These are all by digital artist Gavin Rymill. He has worked on covers for Doctor Who Magazine since 2006, and since 2013 has supplied 3D sculpts for the Doctor Who Figurine collection.

The TARDIS Type 40 manual is available from October 18th both in hardcover and Kindle format.



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