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Into The Dalek – What Did YOU Think?

The second episode of Doctor Who Series 8, Into The Dalek, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Deep Breath HERE.
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  1. It reminded me of the episode 'Dalek' from series 1. It was an alright episode I suppose. I've seen better though. I like how the relationship between Clara and The Doctor is more volatile since he regenerated. As for Danny Pink, well him and Clara are both teachers at Coal Hill school. Does that remind you of another pair of travelling teachers? It kinda arks back to the beginning of Doctor Who.

  2. I thought it was the best Dalek episode I'd seen in a while. Really getting into the nuts and bolts of a Dalek is some hard sci-fi we haven't seen in the modern Who, which typically takes the Classic material but plays fast and loose with it and the details. In this case, even the "series arc" seems to be playing with the "devil's in the details" style of writing, as this Missy lady time scoops people The Doctor gets killed to what, make a "Doctor Revenge Squad"?

    All the internal stuff, big-small stuff wiring and tentacles and big green screen "looking into a Dalek eye" stuff reminded me of one of my favorite Pertwee episodes – Carnival of Monsters, but Capaldi himself really seemed to have a lot of Baker going on here when he wasn't channeling Time Lord rage. Or at least something of a mixture of Doctors 1 through 4.

    As for what this story will contribute to his ongoing story, it's pretty hard to tell, which is pleasant.

  3. I thought the concept was very innovative of Moff and Phil Ford, executed well within the story. I think Danny Pink seems an interesting character to bring into to the show, especially with him being a former soldier. My only real complaint about the episode is Ben Wheatley's direction which at times appeared incredibly amateurish compared to Deep Breath. The references to Classic Who continued which is always a plus in my book. As for the 'Heaven' story arc, I've always considered Moffat's arcs far more encapsulating and requiring far more imagination to figure out than RTD's ever were, and this one appears to be no different.

  4. Better than the season opener. For me, you can't go wrong when it comes to Daleks. Capaldi is starting to grow on me. Clara is …Clara. Danny Pink is adorable.

    xo Blogtor!

  5. I wonder if Capaldi's going to invoke more of Peter Cushing's interpretation? After all, Moffat's already stuck his neck out and revamped the Daleks along the lines of the two early/mid 60s movie versions, simply because he had a thing for them…

    And I suspect thatthis individual Dalek, with wires trailing from it, is simply to give the "collectible" figure manufacturers something else to market. That failed miserably with the Primary Coloured Daleks and I wish Moffat would focus more on an original storyline than pandering to product licence holders.

    As for Danny Pink, well, I've never met anyone with the surname "Pink". Suspect he's an arc in himself… and given that there's a Gallifreyan visit coming up, I wonder if that's tied in somehow.

  6. They are already writing another superfluous, dead-weight boyfriend into it for Clara. The "Impossible Girl" is becoming "the predictable girl", or "the girl who would really rather be planning her wedding than draggin around with the old weirdo"..please….not another one. People loved the chemistry between Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman because THATS the way its supposed to be – the Doctor and his Companion (or occasionally companions).

  7. A potentially great episode let down by the production values. Going inside a Dalek should've been an amazing experience, full of wild and interesting stuff, and it wound up being a bunch of nondescript corridors.

  8. What happened to the scene of the TARDIS being overcome with electricity/lightning, while the Davros sounding voice says "I can see into your soul Doctor, I see beauty, divinity… Hatred!" And then the Doctor seems to be getting exterminated. I know the Dalek in this episode says something very similar, but how it was said and the voice was different from the clip. Anyone got any ideas as to what's up with that? Red herring or will it be in a future episode still?

  9. Good as was the last. Capaldi is tremendous – natch and he and Jenna are already looking to be the one of the best, if not the best of the new series pairings. What is a still a little uncertain to me is the overall tone and target audience for this new approach. RTD's era was clearly for the family, with self contained entertaining and generally undemanding stories with simple moral lessons. Tennant in particular was often cartoonish in his performance, all shouty or teary depending on which emotion was needed for the story but this suited the basic approach for this era and kids would probably love to have joined The Doctor on his adventures. Steven Moffat brought in more emotionally and intellectually complex story telling and where things got too dark, he could reliably ask Matt to do some funny physical humour to lighten things. Although the intended audience was probably wider, seeking to appeal to more scifi and fantasy fans and older viewers looking for satisying story telling and acting regardles of the genre, the family audience continued to be catered for by having a versatile actor as The Doctor who could easily move between the serious amd the silly stuff.

    So far (and of course it is very early days), there doesn't appear to be enough in Capaldi's Doctor to retain the core family audience. His performance is brilliant but lacks enough warmth and engagement I think. It's great for adults as we can appreciate the performance but……I wonder if kids would willingly hop into his Tardis the way I imagine they would with Matt. I am very hopeful that a bit of light heartedness next week may address these concerns but my family are still not yet fully onboard.

    Before I get attacked, this is not a criticism of the show's ongoing status as one of BBC's jewels – after all it got 9.2 million viewers for Deep Breath without even counting the tens of thousands who saw it at the cinema, but I would not wish it to stray too far from its roots as a show for the family but with children at the centre. It will be interesting to see the demographics for this series compared to previous at some point.

  10. I enjoyed the episode. The "slap" was great and well deserved. The Doctor's actions in regard to the soldier who was killed seemed correct to me. He took what would have been a senseless death and turned it around. The man died with honor serving a purpose instead of just being another war statistic.


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