To celebrate the release of Titan Comics‘ graphic novel, Doctor Who: Missy, Blogtor Who spoke to writer Jody Houser about creating a story to celebrate 50 years of the Master.

Ever since its launch back in 2018, Titan Comics‘ ongoing Doctor Who series has documented many of the Thirteenth Doctor and her companions’ off-screen adventures. The series’ most recent story, however, has seen an all together different Time Lord step into the spotlight. In honour of the fiftieth anniversary of the first appearance of the Master in 1971’s Terror of the Autons, Doctor Who Comic‘s most recent arc follows Missy (as portrayed on-screen by Michelle Gomez) as she carries out her latest scheme.

Doctor Who: Missy sees the aforementioned Time Lady on the hunt for the Key to Time, under the guise of that mysterious adventurer in all of time and space, known only as “Doctor Who”. To help her in her search, she enlists the help of an unexpected ally, namely her original incarnation as the Master, as portrayed by Roger Delgado fifty years ago. Will these two versions of the same Time Lord be able to work together to retrieve the treasure they’re searching for?

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic: Missy #1 – Interior 6

One of the minds behind this story is writer Jody Houser, whose previous work includes Dark Horse ComicsStranger Things and Critical Role series, as well as numerous projects with Marvel Comics, such as Amazing Spider-Man and Star Wars, to name just a few.

To celebrate the release of the Doctor Who: Missy graphic novel, Blogtor Who were lucky enough to speak to Jody Houser about her experience of creating this story commemorating fifty years of the Master, as well as her plans for future Doctor Who Comic stories:

How did you initially approach coming up with a story to celebrate fifty years of the Master?

We knew we wanted to have Missy and the original Master working together, so I wanted to focus on what makes the two of them different. With Missy being older and more chaotic, I thought her pretending to be the Doctor would be a lot of fun.

How different did you find the experience of telling a Doctor Who story centred around the Master compared to working on stories that focus more heavily on the Doctor and their companions?

It was a lot of fun! There were fewer characters to balance than usual, so I really got to do a deep dive into her chaotic way of thinking and acting.

How do you go about bringing well-loved characters such as the Master to life on the page?

There’s a lot of going back and watching/listening to scenes with the characters from the shows or audio, to make sure their voice is solid in my head. That makes writing the dialogue a lot easier.

Is there a particular moment from Doctor Who: Missy that you’re especially proud of?

It’s really hard to pick, but I do love Missy referring to Simm Master as her “emo” phase. And the last issue climax, which I don’t want to spoil here.

Missy sports a fantastic new look throughout this series, as she disguises herself as “Doctor Who”. What inspired her colourful outfit, and how did you go about designing it?

I wanted it to be Missy’s impression of how the Doctor would dress, hence the whimsical rubber ducks. I had the idea for the color palette that I thought would look good with her usual navy, and worked with Eren (our colorist) pretty closely on that.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic: Missy #1 – Interior 2

Doctor Who: Missy revisits several key moments from the Master and the Doctor’s shared past. How did you decide which particular moments Missy would travel back to, with so many to choose from?

I wanted to have a good span of time for the different incarnations of the Master, but I did lean a little more into New Who, since that is the timeline the book was primarily taking place in with Missy as the title character. But wanted to have a full range, going back to the very first serial with Delgado.

Are there any other Doctor Who characters you’d love to bring into the spotlight for a similar series in the future?

I’d love to explore what River Song is up to on one of her adventures! And I always want to write more of the Corsair.

Titan Comics – Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor #11 – Page 2

What can we expect from your next Doctor Who Comic project, ‘Empire of the Wolf’, which will celebrate 25 years of Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor?

We’ll get to see what Rose Tyler has been up to. Maybe more than one…

BlogtorWho are participating in Titan ComicsDoctor Who blog tour to celebrate the release of Doctor Who: Missy and Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf. As part of this, we’ve also given our review of the Doctor Who: Missy graphic novel.

Up next on the blog tour are DW Comic Art, so be on the look out tomorrow (Tuesday 2nd November) for their interview with artist Roberta Ingranata:

Doctor Who: Missy is available to purchase now from Forbidden Planet, Amazon, ComiXology, and all good comic retailers.

Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Master with a unique graphic novel starring fan-favourite Missy!

Missy’s up to her old tricks, but this time she’s not alone! How will the Doctor survive this latest maniacal plot in this special story celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Master? Bursting straight out of the long-running hit television series, this Doctor Who collection continues the time-travelling tales of the Doctor and friends.

Buy it, read it, then travel back in time to read it for the first time all over again!

Titan Comics – Doctor Who Comic: Missy (Cover)

Doctor Who Comic continues with Empire of the Wolf #1, which is due out on Wednesday 17th November, and is available to pre-order now from Forbidden PlanetComiXology, and all good comic retailers.

When searching for his next adventure, the Eighth Doctor meets a strange young woman from another universe… Rose Tyler. He has no idea of the destiny they share, but makes it his mission to discover what brought her here, and how to get her home.

Meanwhile, the Eleventh Doctor is summoned by a mysterious empress plagued with visions of another life. It’s Rose Tyler, but not the one he knows! Hailing from an alternate timeline and trapped here alone, she has become a liberator, conqueror, and now empress. And when she finds out she’s not the only Rose in this universe, something must be done…

All hail the Bad Wolf!

Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1. Cover A by Dave Busian. (c) Titan Comics Eighth Doctor Eleventh Doctor Bad Wolf Rose Tyler
Doctor Who: Empire of the Wolf #1. Cover A by Dave Busian. (c) Titan Comics


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