As you may know by now, the casts and creators of ‘Doctor Who’ and it’s new spin-off ‘Class’ took New York by storm yesterday at the cities annual comic con.

In a Madison Square Garden take over the Who teams and that of the new US show Dirk Gently were there to promote in earnest with new trailers being shown, of everything that is to come in the next 3 months.

The young and hugely talented cast of ‘Class’ were on their first ever promotional tour and what a fab place to start. There were pictures and videos all over social media showing just what a great time they were having. While the Doctor Who team, now experts at this enjoyed yet another round of photo ops and interviews as well as the huge panel at Madison Square Gardens. The exception to the norm for Doctor Who was new companion Pearl Mackie who was also on her first tour. And thoroughly embraced it she did.

It would be impossible to see all the pictures that made it on to social media so we have a gathered just a few below. Enjoy!


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