It is with the heaviest of hearts that I write this post, but I also hope that it will reach out to our many followers because it’s about one of our own.  Our news editor Robin Bell died of stage 4 stomach cancer last month and his wife Heidi Bell walking the 10k Midnight Walk tonight 15 June 2019 to raise funds for the Nightingale House Hospice.

If you go through our archives you will see the name Robin Bell.  He was our News Editor and frequent writer over the last few months.  And above all a good friend. He joined the team in 2017 and just before Christmas 2017, Robin discovered he had stage 4 stomach cancer.  At the time, his career as a writer was taking off as many stories were gaining traction including  Twisted Showcase.

Robin’s cancer was swift and deadly. It spread quickly and he required massive amounts of chemotherapy with effects that were quite frankly brutal on his physical well being.  But throughout that 18 months of his battle, he continued to fight, see friends and write about things he loved.  His last article will be published in the June edition of  Film Stories magazine and later this month Blogtor will be reviewing his last story for Big Finish – Torchwood.

During Robin’s illness, Robin and Heidi were supported by Nightingale House Hospice, a specialist palliative care centre in North Wales during Robin’s treatment. Nightingale House Hospice provides care that is completely free-of-charge to those patients and their families that use it. But that doesn’t mean it costs nothing to run, of course, and the centre relies on volunteers and fund-raising to continue with the incredible, invaluable work it does in providing care for people with a life-limiting illness. So now Heidi Bell wants to give back to Nightingale House Hospice for the much-needed care and support it has given her and Robin.


There are many fundraising events but this one is special to us at Blogtor because Robin was special to us. So if you can give just a few pennies to this cause that’s so special to us, we will love you forever, but more importantly, you’ll be helping people like Robin and Heidi as they face what they know will be the most difficult of times.

Please head to Heidi’s Just Giving page and donate whatever you can. Your pennies, pound, fiver or tenner will make a huge difference to Nightingale House Hospice, and Robin and Heidi will be able to see your lovely act and your kind words, which will mean so much to them. And to all of us at BlogtorWho.

Thank you in advance from the whole team at Blogtor Who.


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