The tenth episode of Doctor Who Series 8, In The Forest Of The Night, has aired, but what did you
think? Please leave your comments in the section below and, obviously,
if you haven’t seen it best not to read. Check out the What Did You Think? for Flatline HERE.

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  1. Worst episode of the series slowly heading down hill. Not funny or scary and cring worthy. On the bright side next week looks good and Clara is going to die 🙂

  2. Rubbish worst off the series. Clara thourghly annoying yet again I really wish that they kill her. Cringe worthy throughout and not funny at all. After high expectations for this series it has dissapointed and I can only blame the writers. Danny too is as bad as clara after a promising start. On a massive downhill slide at the moment. Bring back David Tennant! On the plus the finale looks promising.

  3. If you thought it was the worst of the series then maybe you should go and ask your inner child, who might just surprise you.

  4. I had a tête-à-tête with my inner child, Anonymous. It agrees with me. Worst episode of this series.

    I completely agree that they took a promising character in Danny Pink and have cut the legs out from under him. Or made him dull, at any rate. The actor is good, just not what he's been given.
    Clara is annoying. I don't want her to die, but I'd be happy for her to leave the show.

    We know she won't die from the future time travel Danny relative in her timeline.

    Series was going downhill, but I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the last 2, so we'll see.

    Next episode looks amazing.

  5. it was different. more of the smushy mush with pink n oswald that i didn't really wanna see, but i get it, its part of the 'character' development.

    liked the undertones on climate change/environmental damage. and also the little hint to medicating kids who behave differently. (i'm in education, this is a biggy for me). i fully endorse listening to kids more (inner child included)

  6. I don't get it. You know, I always just think like the Joker. "Why. So. Serious?"
    I mean, it's the Doctor! What more can you wish for?

  7. That was one of the most boring episodes I've seen. Not just of Doctor Who – it might be the dullest piece of television I've seen in quite a while.

  8. Definitely the weakest of the series. A filler episode. Am enjoying the series a lot on the whole though. Oh and I asked my inner child and the 3 real ones sitting on the sofa next to me and they all agree too.
    The last two look fantastic!

  9. I greatly preferred this episode to last week's. There were some jokes this week, thankfully (Who without humour is virtually unwatchable). I'm still not sure what I think about this series as a whole – I think the whole "dark" thing is too adolescent for words (last week's "good had nothing to do with it" had me reaching for the sick bag – grow up!) – but I really liked Danny this time around. He seems to be the only fully-functioning adult in the whole show.

  10. I really enjoyed it!!! It was magical, I liked Clara and Danny and the Doctor interacting. Can't wait for the finally!

  11. I thought this was a great change of pace episode. The kids weren't nearly as annoying as I feared they'd be. Nice to see that Series 8 continues its unbroken streak of half the fans loving each episode and half the fans hating each episode. No one can say this season hasn't been controversial!

  12. Agree. Easily the worst episode of what has been a strong series. A CBBC episode. Where were all the Londoners for a start? and why would the authorities try to burn the trees? Not quite sure why it was called In The Forest of the NIGHT, either, as it all appeared to take place during the daytime – maybe it was a reference to Blake's poem, 'The Tiger'.

  13. A magical little gem of a story and the direction was really creative and fresh. Loved Clara's change in character that shows the doctor is affecting who she is and not in a positive way.

  14. Good episode. Very awesome to see the Tardis full of children! But Clara's insistence of taking the children back home to die with their parents rather than save them in the Tardis is a major WTF moment, inexplicable even with the murky logic of how they would cry for their mums and dads. Pretty much ruined the whole episide for me.

  15. Well from most other comments the producers need to forget about series 9. It is always hard warming to a new doctor when you have the same companions running about. I can remember the outcry when Peter Davidson took over from Tom Baker. I would suggest everyone calm down and see what the finale has in store.


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