The BBC have released the Next Time trailer for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 10, In The Forest of the Night – watch it in the player above. For more clips, pics and info from the story, click HERE.


  1. I get the feeling that the next episode might be the worst one of the season. A bunch of annoying little kids and the bad guy seems to be some tiger, whoopity doo. I hope it's better than I expect. My only gripe about this season is the story arc needs to be more prevalent. A two-parter here or there could have helped out too!

  2. Rev Magister, I cannot say anything about the kids because I realize a lot people hate kids in Doctor. Even Courtney, who a lot of people liked, still made many other angry.

    But you really shouldn't judge the "bad guy" based on a next time trailer. I mean, we all thought Kill the Moon would be about moon spider, yes? Lesson learned for me, at least.

    Actually, now that I think about it, it would be cool for a Doctor Who episode to basically be a survival against wildlife episode. The "sci-fi" element would still be the mystery of the forest in London.

  3. Yeah you're probably right. I'll take your word for it til next weekend. Do you have a favorite episode for this season if you had to pick one? Mine is Listen, I think lol.

  4. Anybody notice the advert on the side of the bus? Hope that's just a half-glimpsed easter egg and not the show getting all meta on us.


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