This commentary includes EXCLUSIVE comments from its writer, Frank Cottrell-Boyce!
Included for your listening pleasure is the Blogtor Who audio commentary for Doctor Who Series 8, Episode 10, In The Forest Of The Night. Recorded by Cameron K McEwan and Alex Romeo,
the commentary can be enjoyed whilst watching the story – though,
that’s not essential. You can download the audio commentary directly HERE, subscribe on iTunes HERE or use the player below. And it’s FREE!


  1. Loved the 'Doctor Idiot' bit, as we all must have been thinking it. Reminds me of Tennant's 'Ah! I'm thick! Look at me, I'm old and thick! Head's too full of stuff! I need a bigger head!'

    Are you keeping the Dark Water commentary for after the finale?

  2. I'm sorry to hear that. I wrote the piece below last night before reading your note this morning. Here's my farewell to the Blogtor Who Commentaries. I came a bit late but enjoyed them immensely.

    I saw the trailer for the Blogtor Who commentaries when they first came out for 'The Impossible Astronaut'. It seemed a bit rubbish so I didn't pay it any attention for years after that.

    Earlier this year I found myself working long hours and, with a new doctor on the horizon, scouring the internet for any bits of video to listen to while I worked. Eventually I returned to the Blogtor Who commentaries to give them a try. Best entertainment decision I've made since I started watching Doctor Who in 2006.

    Quite by chance I listened to the commentaries in the order they were recorded. As a result, I was able to follow Sandy's development as a companion to the Blogtor. This was quite effective for introducing audiences to the show as the Blogtor, while a fascinating and entertaining character, could be quite harsh and intimidating to newcomers.

    I quite enjoyed seeing Sandy's development over the course of the several series that he recorded, from quite useless companion who at times seemed to be a drag on the Blogtor to a reasonably capable companion who could reference events that took place several series before. Rather like Mickey blue-eyes.

    I quite enjoyed reliving the Bad Wolf and Torchwood arcs through the eyes of someone experiencing them for the first time. Despite the Blogtor's endless capacity to produce trivia, facts and quotes from directors at the drop of a hat, his companion regularly threatened to become the star of the show.

    I was a bit disappointed at Sandy's departure for the new series. This sentiment may have been shared by other listeners as evidenced by the drop in questions and comments. However, I was happy to have a companion who knew her Mechanoids from her Movellans. Finally someone was able to hold their own against the Blogtor, could produce facts of their own and knew what shows actors appeared in, other than 'the latest episode of Doctor Who.'

    This development saw changes in the character of the Blogtor himself. Casual racism was replaced by casual sexism, the obsession with health and safety was gone as was the was the drinking problem, although there was the occasional 'one-eye!' There was even a delightful break from character and into Sunday School song during 'Forest of the Night', reminiscent of the Doctor's happy dance in 'Flatline'.

    The series finale came with its own twist as we learnt of Alex's imminent departure. How would the Blogtor tackle Missy's reveal on his own? Could we possibly see Sandy returning for the two-parter? One can only hope.

    I've been following Blogtor Who since 'Vincent and the Doctor' and have quite enjoyed the coverage, previews and reviews. I appreciate the effort that goes into all the extra content, especially the top 50 episodes. Thank you, Cameron, for doing what you do.


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