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  1. The best Two parter of Series Two? Possibly!
    A truly exciting and scary story!

    It has all the elements of a classic space horror – red eyed monsters, a crazy/infected human and a black hole! what more could you ask for!?
    I even like the Ood in this episode, they are rather menacing with present voices spouting such dialog as "The Beast and his armies will rise from the pit to make war against God."
    And of-course the disembodied voice of Gabriel Woolf always gives me goosebumps!

    The Doctor and Rose discussing a mortgage – How very human and endearing,
    Ida Scott wishing to meet the Doctor again someday – A missed opportunity?
    And the lingering question of the TRUE Identity of the beast (which is most certainly not "The Beast Below")

    I find that David Tennant really shone as the Doctor if the script pushed the boundaries of the character, and although this wasnt as 'pushy' as later episodes "Midnight" or "The Waters of Mars" I think David did a brilliant job. The scene of the Doctor being lowered into the pit I find to be truly captivating!

    I dont know if Iv done my views on this episode enough justice with this comment, but at least I tried!
    heres the simple comment, just in case – Its a good one!

    Next week "Love & Monsters" … 'yay?'

    P.S if were requesting accents, may I have your best Gabriel Woolf impression please?

  2. It's probably my favorite twoparter. I don't think it's the best of 2005+ but my personal favorite. Something about the directing and cinematography that hits the right mood.

    It avoids making the Beast some cartoonish super villain (despite some dodgy CGI) and keeps focus on the psychological fear and the mood.

    Tenant is particularly great in this one too. It's a lot of small things that came together perfectly and resulted in a great story. Thumbs up.

  3. I love these two episodes very much, for many of the same reasons already mentioned, plus the breathtaking visuals and Davey T in a pressure suit. Loves!

    No way would the Doctor settle down and get a mortgage if somehow he lost the TARDIS. Surely he'd steal another ship and have adventures again, wouldn't he?

  4. Picking up from what Jon said (above) these episodes and especially the way the Doctor appears out of nowhere and takes over with authority is in stark contrast to the hideous treatment of him as a troublesome know-it-all in Midnight.

    It's also the time we get to know for certain that he loves Rose and, let's face it, the depiction of the Beast is particularly awesome. The Satan Pit is especially cinematic and all the more impressive when you consider that's it's done on a BBC Wales budget. And juts to lower the tone, Toby Zed – would.

  5. I very much love this episode for all the reasons already metioned but I feel I have to comment anyway because I rewatched it yesterday and again thought that it might be my favourite episode ever! It's captivating and funny and heartbraking, sometimes all three at the same time – exactly what I love about the Doctor.


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