The BBC have issued a new image to accompany the new series opener, The Impossible Astronaut. Click on the two pictures for bigger versions and check out the Prequel HERE.

Thanks to BBC Pictures


  1. It is indeed a reflection so you would think that the writing should be reversed but the Tardis itself has translated the words for you so if it seems wrong it's just the Tardis translating for us. Simples.

  2. it's possible that they are inside the astronaut which would explain the writing being the right way, also there is no fish eye, also on an unrelated topic (i'm sure everyone has already noticed) but the lightning in the vortex that his the vortex is the same as the electricity that shoots from the silence/silents

  3. (but the lightning in the vortex that his the vortex) i mean to say but the lightning in the vortex that hits the tardis

  4. just went to the doctor who premier, amazing episodes (i think i can talk a bit about the silents) but can tell you nothing about the events of the episode, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!


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