New Doctor Who companion Pearl Mackie is about to take off on a new set of adventures with Peter Capaldi’s twelfth Doctor in series 10 but only for one series and it is all bittersweet for the young actress.

In a new article from InStyle UK Mackie is asked how she feels about Peter leaving..

“I’m so sad but I’m just happy I got to work with him. He’s such a generous actor. I’m very new to camera acting and all the technical stuff and he will always check if I’m ok. We really get into the scenes and he’s very open to my opinions.”

Mackie is one of a number of new faces chosen by InStyle UK as rising stars of 2017 and Doctor Who is a perfect showcase for this new actress, who’s aspirations always included acting. Mackie says,

“Apparently when I was five my mum was washing my hair on a Sunday night before school in front of Saint Louis. Judy Garland was singing the trolley song and I turned to my mum and said I want to do that.”

And so she is and we wish her all the luck with the brand new series.

Peter Capaldi announced on the 30th January that series 10 will be his last with his final appearance taking place at Christmas but it is still unclear as to whether Mackie will leave with him or stay on with a new Doctor and a new showrunner.

But before we have to deal with all that we have twelve episodes to enjoy. Doctor Who series 10 returns on April 15th on BBC One and BBC America.

You can read more from Pearl Mackie in the brief interview in The 2017 Hot List: InStyle’s Annual Rising Stars Portfolio Of The Names You Need To Know.


  1. I get a sense of great energy and enthusiasm from what little I have seen from Pearl. I think she’s going to be great as Bill, alongside Peter Capaldi. I hope she stays after Series 10, to bridge the gap from Capaldi and Moffat leaving.


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