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  1. Dancing Ood Sigma may be the single greatest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. If someone who knows more than me about such things than me can make a gif of it I would be in their eternal debt.

  2. That video proves two, no three, things. 1) David has an obsession with this song and/or The Proclaimers. 2) Ood can dance!! 3) David is crazy….and I think I love him more now because of it!

  3. I adore Steven Moffat. His era of Doctor Who has, so far, been my favourite bar none.

    But I have never been more nostalgic for the Russell era than I was watching that video.

    God I wish I could've been there!

  4. This is where that "leaked" photo came from. 🙂

    Loved every minute of it. It's a nice tribute to those who made the show too. Fun seeing this after two years of the Moffat era (though I love his version too).


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