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  1. Apart from the line " He's saving us a seat" I thought it was a pile of poo. Rose and the doctor at their smuggest bleah.

  2. Used to avoid this one like the plague, but I caught it on BBC Three whenever it was most recently on, and it was a hell of a lot better than I'd remembered!

    Still not top-tier. Never as scary as it seemed to think it was, is the big thing. They kept showing people who'd had their faces sucked off by tellies like it was an act of unthinkable evil, but I just… didn't think it was a particularly grisly fate? It's always the first thing I remember; these horror-shots of bodies standing around without faces that didn't work on me at all.

    Then the second thing I remember is the usually excellent Maureen Lipman's excruciating performance as an improbably culture-savvy alien that… ineffectually yells "feed me?" Really hammy, the sum total of a lot of elements not at all gelling.

    But! Having rewatched, I was surprised by how little screentime the naff stuff got! And once you strip all the nonsense away, there's a lot of cool direction (love the dutch angles), some ace acting, fantastic jokes, a decent (if slightly caricature) subplot with the angry dad… loads of nifty stuff going on. The story's not even half the washout I remembered. Not great, not great at all, but good.

    Also, I like the little dog getting his face sucked off.

    (P.S. If we're requesting accents, can I be Kenyan please?)

  3. Not one of my favourites but it does have it's funny moments (HELL of a right hook!) and some pathos (the angry dad leaving) that makes it worth a rewatch. Did love Rose's outfit and the Doctor's hair though!

  4. This was around the point I started to really 'get' the 10th Doctor.
    From what Iv gathered this isnt a popular story, but at the time, before I knew about fandom and the internet – I really liked this episode! Its got Parker from that terrible Thunderbirds movie in it! It must be good!

    This was one of the last times I got properly spooked watching Doctor Who (as growing up and learning more about how TV is made has removed some of the magic) an evil TV that talks back AND steals your face!! being 13 at the time, that did scare me enough to hide behind a pillow! – not quite the full sofa though.

    One or Two silly moments, but they are leveled out with the deeper stuff about the Connolly family – and thats what Doctor Who is all about, right?
    and watching it back and seeing the happy clappy-ness of 10 & Rose is a bit sad… knowing whats coming.

    All in all a good episode! nothing too heavy or story arc driven, just good old 'Who'

    Bring on "The Impossible Planet"


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