For your consideration… a video made by Blogtor after hearing the wonderfully slowed~down version of the Dr. Who theme tune – as posted by last week. Titled I Don’t Wanna Go, it’s an alternative look at the final moments of David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor. Featured in the video are clips from The End of Time Part 2 and audio from its corresponding episode of Doctor Who Confidential, David Tennant’s Video Diaries, the Peter Howell arrangement of the theme tune and the aforementioned version posted on io9. It’s a bit indulgent and a tad grim, but I hope you enjoy the ‘experimental’ nature of the piece.

I’ve had to use Dailymotion ‘cos YouTube removed it immediately


  1. Do more video's!

    I would actually love if maybe during the shows downtime, you could feature the best doctor who music videos on the web or something like that

  2. Wow. You're right. That WAS grim.

    Grim in a good way though. Moody grim. Slightly dangerous grim. Not tea-time telly grim, and therefore well worth the effort and an impressive contrast to what was actually shown.


  3. Beautifully modern. A fitting tribute to ten; it felt a lot more relevant to 10's passing than EoT II did. Thank you for that lovely piece; the slowed down title music really gave the whole piece a moody, brooding significance. Nice job!

  4. What a great obituary for my beloved Perfect Ten(th) – though it's kind of nerve wrecking to watch him go… again. To honour David's play on Doctor Who I'm gonna watch the HUGO-awarded Waters Of Mars tonight.

  5. What a great tribute– although the spoken words at the end were a bit too low volume in the mix. Still– brilliant! David Tennat, I believe, challenged for the best Doctor ever– and his first season may have been the best season of Doctor Who ever. Tennant and Piper– staggeringly brilliant acting chemistry. And somehow, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have resurrected that intensity. Anyway– much thanks!

  6. *tear* Ok… I cried all over again, thanks… 😛
    Yes, Tenn will allways be MY doctor. Beautiful tribute. :')

  7. Instant tears. I've never seen a Doctor's exit played with so much emotion. It was a lot to it that wasn't expecting. This video was spot on. Cheers.

  8. will admit that i had to pause that many a time to wipe tears off my face – i hate the way that all the so called 'loyal' 10 fans now say that Matt Smith is their fave just because they cant remember to 10's. But really that was… breathtaking…

  9. Just watched this without the sound on – I'm at work at the mo – and I can't wait to get home and watch it again with sound!! It was so moving, even without the sound, that if I had been at home, I'm sure a few tears would have escaped.

  10. finally watched it with sound and full screen – very emotional!! The music was very atmospheric, but i agree with Ten of Clubs – the spoken words at the end were too low, had to turn the volume right up to hear what he said. Absolutely wonderful, though.

  11. Stumbled on this post when I was searching for the DW bday betasite. (thanks for those 15 minutes I'll never get back) 🙂

    Anyway, dude, I dunno how I missed this when you posted and/or Tweeted it. Sad though the regen was (and in *some* universes never really happened, hehehe)- nice job on the video, really well done.

  12. David Tennant is 110% the Best Doctor throughout Doctor Who History, I'm Definitely a 10th Doctor fan, Tennant's performance as The Doctor is irreplaceable, im not sure any actor could play the part any better than David Tennant.(I'm Sorry I'm So Sorry).
    As for the 11th Doctor (Matt Smith)I think personally hes a great Doctor, something I'd say different, he wears a bow tie (bow ties are cool)a good doctor in the making but not quite as good and emotional as David Tennants incarnation of the Doctor. (Allons-y). From Aaron.

  13. Thanks for that. I cried even more than I did watching the original. It was a lovely tribute and a better way to end David's time on the show

  14. David really did a good job with this and it's obvious he's invested a lot in the role. I hope he'll come back for the 50th Anniversary (or sooner)!

  15. My wife and I are French, we have discovered this series "Docteur Who" and "Torchwood" a few month ago and we really love it.
    Thanks for this video, because we missing some episode.

  16. I just love this piece you created here. But you editing was spot on, the slowing down of the Dr. Who theme was brilliant. I show it too my 8 yr old who is a massive Dr. Who fan,she downloaded to here PC. She loved it that much, even though she wont admit it. But I believe this is her Doctor.

  17. Beautiful work!

    Is there any way possible to download this video (without having to download any kind of program)? All I need is an .flv file 🙂

  18. Is there anywhere I can download this video? Dailymotion seems to have updated their site and I can't download from there anymore 🙁


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