There is a new brand new monthly magazine from, Simon Brew, the founder of Den of Geek coming soon the UK and they need your help to get it off the ground.   

There already have a great podcast online, but Simon has a passion and he wants to support the little guy – the non-blockbuster films that get looked over and the new writers that need a chance.  So he has started a Kickstarter to fund his dream and support the dreams of others. 

But don’t just listen to us.  Let the man himself tell you.

From Simon Brew:

• It’s going to be a mainstream film magazine – just with fewer blockbusters, and more of the other films that head into the multiplex instead. We’ll review Star Wars films and the superhero movies, but they get enough brilliant coverage elsewhere. As such, our covers, features, set visits and such like will focus on everything else. There’s a lot to talk about!

* It’s monthly! Issue one will land in late November, early December 2018! Then, from January, a new issue arrives every month!

• Imagine it as the magazine for the smaller screens in the multiplex, and the larger screens in the independent.

• It’s going to be grounded in Britain! Sure, the magazine will cover blockbusters too, but the first cover is going to a brilliant British comedy – and proudly so.

• As well as news, reviews and features, the magazine will have a monthly column designed to help up-and-coming directors, written by Hope Dickson Leach who will share tips, help and thoughts. A column by BAFTA-winning Debbie Moon, who’ll be talking screenwriting every month. And one by Romesh Ranganathan, who we’re thrilled to announce as a regular Film Stories columnist!

• There may be some familiar faces from Den Of Geek UK, too.

• The magazine will be at least 100 pages every month. And everybody who contributes will be paid – none of this ‘working for exposure’ rubbish.

• It’ll be primarily subscription only – and to make this work, to try and offer something a little bit different and less superhero-dominated, we really need your help! And cash!

* And if we beat our Kickstarter target by lots, we can add more pages in the coming issues, and give even more people paid writing work.

So drop over to their KickStart Page and make a Pledge to support this brand new magazine.




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