It is with deep sadness that BlogtorWho reports the death of Helen Griffin at the age of 59. An actor and writer from Swansea, she is perhaps best known for a role in Doctor Who.

Helen Griffin played Mrs Moore in ‘Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel’ (2006). The character’s real name was later revealed to be Angela Price. A former employee of Cybus Industries, she met a sudden and sad demise at the hand of a Cyberman in the cooling tunnels beneath Battersea Power Station. Griffin also appeared on the Big Finish release ‘Cobwebs’ playing Director Cardell.

Doctor Who: The Age of Steel – Mrs Moore (Helen Griffin) (c) BBC

Away from Doctor Who she was a writer and actor in a variety of shows, most recently in ‘Keeping Faith’ starring Eve Myles. Fans of the ever popular ‘Gavin and Stacey’ will recognise her as the Toll Booth Attendant on the Severn Bridge as Smithy and Gavin try to reach Barry in time for the birth of Neil (the baby). Other TV appearances included, ‘Holby City’, ‘Casualty’, ‘The Bill’ and ‘Coronation Street’. Helen Griffin also wrote and starred in ‘Little White Lies’, a comedy about racism within a South Wales working class family. Her performance saw her awarded a BAFTA Cymru prize for Best Actress. To the Welsh however Griffin is likely to be remembered for her appearance in the cult film ‘Twin Town’.

BlogtorWho extends our thoughts to Helen Griffin’s family and friends at this difficult time.


  1. I actually remember her most for Human Traffic,playing John Simms mum. Sad to see her go,she was a good mum,in the movie.


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