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Happy Wholloween! Top 5 Scariest New Who Scenes

Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Sky Silvestry (Leslie Sharp) - Doctor Who Midnight (c) BBC
Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Sky Silvestry (Leslie Sharp) - Doctor Who Midnight (c) BBC

It’s that time of year again when things go bump in the night! The Doctor has faced many tricks across his lives… luckily for us, they’ve always been a treat to watch.

Doctor Who is famously known as the show that sends its viewers hiding behind the sofa. With its continually growing cavalcade of creepy monsters, there are no shortage of scary episodes to enjoy this Halloween. But what if you’re busy trick-or-treating and only have time to watch a pick ‘n’ mix of spooky scenes? Well, don’t you worry! Blogtor Who has got you covered.

We’ve gone through every story from the revived Doctor Who and picked out our five favourite moments that made our flesh crawl. Readers of a nervous disposition may want to look away. But, if you’re up for some terrifying treats, you’ve come to the right place! Brace yourselves: here are our Top 5 scariest scenes from the last twelve years…


5. “I am the Doctor, and I am afraid…” (Hide)

Much like the episode itself, this is one moment you might have forgotten. Hide is an oft-overlooked and underrated gem, unjustly lost in the middle of Series 7 Part 2. By its very nature – a haunted house ghost story – it’s a pretty spooky story. But there is one particular moment that stands out, where the fear factor ramps up to… well, eleven! The Doctor finds himself trapped in the pocket universe with the Crooked Man. No TARDIS, no Clara, no way out. Just miles of dark and endless forest. Eleven can do nothing but wait for the monster to catch up with him. Of course, it all works out fine and he finds an escape route in the end. But for just one single moment, the Doctor is helpless – and there’s nothing more terrifying than that. Plus, whenever you see Matt Smith without his bow tie, you know things are getting serious…


4. “Pain, Pain, Pain…” (World Enough and Time)

Need we say more? World Enough and Time is one of the best episodes of the Twelfth Doctor’s era – and this scene is a huge reason why. Finally reinvigorating the Cybermen (the Mondasian ones, at that!) with some much-needed scare appeal, we’re forced to witness the torturous body horror of the conversion process. When Bill finds herself below decks in a bleak and run-down hospital, she uncovers horrific truths. The half-converted Cybermen are screaming in agony, silenced by their murderous surgeons. No longer do we just see them as generic, emotionless robots. These Cybermen are real people, with real feelings, in real pain. The mere thought of it is enough to make anybody’s stomach squirm. Arguably the standout moment from Series 10, it’s yet another example of Steven Moffat and Rachel Talalay’s genius firing on all cylinders.


3. “Don’t. Look. Round.” (Listen)

“What’s that in the mirror, or the corner of your eye?” …or “what’s that under the bedsheet?”, to be more precise! Listen is an intentionally atmospheric episode, with plenty of memorable moments. This scene in little Danny (sorry, Rupert) Pink’s bedroom definitely sent a chill down our spines. Clara convinces Rupert that there’s nothing under his bed – but it’s the top they should be worrying about! A mysterious entity crawls under the covers and sits there, silently, patiently. Is it a monster? Is it another child? Even the Doctor doesn’t know. His answer: turn your backs and give it what it wants! The ‘creature’ slips away in a flash, and we never do find out what was really under that blanket. Maybe though, for our own sakes, it’s best if the writers keep it that way… *shudder*


2. The Tenth Doctor Repeats Sky Silvestry (Midnight)

From one unseen monster to another! Trapped in a confined space on a deadly diamond planet, the Tenth Doctor loses his greatest weapon: his voice. Frankly, the whole forty-five minutes of Midnight are fantastically frightening. After fellow passenger Sky is possessed, she starts repeating everything the others say. It’s such a simple, juvenile, yet bone-chilling idea. Soon enough her speech catches up and her voice is actually in sync with everyone else’s. The best/worst scene though? Right at the end, when Sky overtakes the Doctor’s voice! Ten is powerless as the humans think he now houses the monster and try to throw him out to his death. It’s only by a stroke of luck that he survives. This scene, more than any other, makes us question: who is the real monster here? The Midnight entity, or the other passengers? Sometimes, the real terrors are closer than we think…


1. “Don’t blink. Don’t even blink.” (Blink)

Blink is rightfully hailed as one of the best – and scariest! – episodes of modern Doctor Who. It’s a jumpy story introducing Steven Moffat’s most fear-inducing creation: the Weeping Angels. Our number one spooky scene comes right at the very end, when the Doctor is saved and everything’s back to normal. What scares could possibly be left? Why, the very worst ones of all! The Doctor’s iconic “don’t blink” recording plays once again, spliced over a montage of real-life statutes in recognisable places. Daleks and Cybermen may be frightening, but you’d never believe you’ll bump into one round the corner. Weeping Angels though? They could be anywhere. Absolutely anywhere. The reason this scene trumps the rest is because the scares transcend the television screen, and the fears become more three-dimensional than ever before. Remember, if you see any statues this Halloween: don’t blink. Don’t even blink. Blink and you’re dead…



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