Behind every great man, there has to be a great woman. And behind that great woman, there’s another great man. Or there certainly was with Amy Pond on the TARDIS! Join us as we celebrate Mr. Pond himself, Arthur Darvill, who turns 35 today!

Darvill, playing the role of Amy’s then-boyfriend Rory Williams, made his first Doctor Who appearance in The Eleventh Hour. As a rather weedy male nurse, The Doctor did not initially take to Rory, but his respect for him grew over time. Rory reappeared from The Vampires of Venice through to Cold Blood, where he was killed and erased from existence by the crack in time. Amy forgot her fiancé and it wasn’t until The Pandorica Opens that she finally remembered him. Unfortunately he was a deadly Auton duplicate that shot her dead! To help save her, Rory guarded the Pandorica for 2000 years, more than earning his place next to Amy’s side.

“Where. Is. My. Wife?”
The Last Centurion (Arthur Darvill) - Doctor Who (c) BBC
The Last Centurion (Arthur Darvill) – Doctor Who (c) BBC

Their wedding day turned out to be one of the most important dates in all of creation. Not only did The Doctor reset the universe, but it led to the conception of the Ponds’ daughter, River Song. Now married, Rory stayed on the TARDIS with Amy until The Angels Take Manhattan. He was unexpectedly caught by a Weeping Angel and forced to live out the rest of his days stuck in the past. Fortunately for him, Amy made the ultimate sacrifice and they shared their remaining years together.

Outside of Doctor Who, Darvill also graced British television screens as Reverend Paul Coates in hit ITV drama Broadchurch. He has also appeared in musicals, most notably Once (in 2013 and 2014). Currently he is starring as Rip Hunter in Marvel’s Legends of Tomorrow, a time-travelling spin-off of Arrow and The Flash.

Rory Williams had to wait a long time for a reason to celebrate, but we can certainly all make Arthur Darvill’s day by wishing him many happy returns! Although we can’t guarantee Matt Smith popping up out of a cake…


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