Today is BlogtorWho’s Tenth Anniversary!

On the 21st May 2008, Cameron K. McEwan started BlogtorWho with a post about River Song’s first episode, Silence in the Library.  Since that first post, Cameron has moved on to bigger and better things.  He is now a featured writer on , , , , , , and  and has produced documentaries for the Doctor Who DVD range.

As of 2016, there is a new team running the site and we continue to have fun following Doctor Who and other related programmes.

To celebrate this anniversary, BlogtorWho is stepping back into the past and pulling up a few old favourites.  Enjoy!!

Blogtor Who’s Exclusive Interviews

Throughout the years, BlogtorWho has had many exclusive interviews.  For example, Cameron chatted with Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat in 2013.  More recently BlogtorWho has also interviewed others including Nicholas Briggs and Christel Dee.

EXCLUSIVE: Mark Gatiss interview

Steven Moffat interview

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW PART 1: Nicholas Briggs – Myth Maker Beginnings

Exclusive: Doctor Who The Fan Show’s Christel Dee Talks Candidly to BlogtorWho

Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special interviews – Peter Capaldi & Steven Moffat


In 2016, BlogtorWho ran a series of year-long posts covering the history of Doctor Who with ‘On This Day’…

On This Day… The Sarah Jane Adventures Began

In 2017, we ran a series of Happy Birthday messages celebrating the actors, writers and creative individuals that have contributed to our favourite long-running series…

Happy Birthday to Who? – 28th October: Matt Smith

And this year we are running a ‘Video of the Day’…

Video of the Day-Doctor Who-Genesis of the Daleks, 1975

BlogtorWho’s ‘In Other Worlds’

BlogtorWho has expanded from just writing about Doctor Who.  We describe ourselves as six-degrees of Doctor Who and look to celebrate the work of Doctor Who alumni.  Additionally, we’ve dipped our toes into reviewing other entertainment offerings from Star Wars to Game of Thrones.  Here are just some of those pieces…

REVIEW: ATA Girl is an Empowering, Poignant and Thoughtful Collection

REVIEW: Victoria S2E8 – All Good Things Must End

REVIEW: The Escape Artist, Ep 1 [spoiler-free]

SPOILER-FREE PREVIEW: Christopher Eccleston’s new drama – The A Word, Episode 1

Podcast, News and Reviews

Ultimately however we are here to bring you Doctor Who related news, reviews and events coverage which also includes our podcast launched last year…

REVIEW ROUNDUP: Doctor Who – The Target Collection

REVIEW: ‘Believe’ is a Captivating Human Drama with Torchwood

BlogtorWhoCast: Episode 11 ‘New Doctor Who Logo and News’ Now Live

REVIEW: The Enemy of the World: Special Edition DVD

Peter Davison Talks Tegan, Turlough & Sonic at MCM Comic Con London

REVIEW: ‘The Lure Of The Nomad’ Knows Where It’s Going

TITAN COMICS: Seventh Doctor and Ace to feature in new mini-series

AUDIO REVIEW: The Diary of River Song Series 1

TITAN COMICS: Third Doctor #5 – Perfectly Paced Conclusion to Heralds of Destruction

How Things have changed.

Here’s BlogtorWho’s very first post from 21st May, 2008.

The one that started everything off…

Silence In The Library – Promo Pics

Thank You to All

I would like to thank all our editors and writers both past and present.

Andrea McGuire, Bedwyr Gullidge, Christ Gardner, Diane Malkin, Emry Matthews, George Moss, Ianto Williams, Jack Ryan. Jamie Clydesdale, Jason Chisholm, Jordan Shortman, Leslie Ohanian, Louise Thacker, Lucy Crewe, Mat Greenfield, Matthew Rabjohns, Peter Nolan, Rebecca Kurson, Richard Swain and Robin Bell.

And our Guest Contributors:

Alex Jones, Alexandra Marshall, Ben Morton, Beth Axford, Dan Peters, Kerr Castle, Mandy Foote, Mark J Edwards, Megan Lowey-Heaton, Ronak Shah and Ross Keniston.

And of course Cameron K. McEwan

Susan Hewitt, Site Owner and Editor of BlogtorWho.





  1. Congratulations on reaching 10 years — an amazing milestone in any endeavor. Thank you for providing a wonderful community for Doctor Who fans – to stay on top of everything that happens in the WHOinverse

  2. Happy birthday Blogtor Who and hope you have many more to come as you are one of my daily destinations to get my Doctor Who info.


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