Forbidden Planet’s Time Lord Tuesdays begin with The Happiness Patrol

This year’s season of Doctor Who may be over, but Forbidden Planet’s range of weekly episode specific merchandise continues! How? Well, their new Time Lord Tuesdays will focus on a different story from across the whole history of Doctor Who. First up is Sylvester McCoy adventure The Happiness Patrol. The 1988 story is celebrated with an image of a pink TARDIS, in honour of the Police Box being painted pink upon arrival on the troubled colony world of Terra Alpha. It’s accompanied by the slogan of despotic ruler Helen A, “Happiness will Prevail!”



The full list of products in the Happiness Patrol range are

  • “Happiness will Prevail” pin badge
  • Pink TARDIS pin badge
  • TARDIS “Happiness will Prevail” mug
  • Pink TARDIS “Happiness will Prevail” coaster
  • Pink TARDIS “Happiness will Prevail” art print
  • Pink TARDIS “Happiness will Prevail” t-shirt (unisex, women’s, children’s fits)

In addition, you can also get a “Happiness will Prevail” pin badge signed by script editor Andrew Cartmel who ran the show alongside producer John Nathan-Turner for three seasons in the 1980s, including The Happiness Patrol.


The new edit of The Happiness Patrol is part of the Season 25 Collection out soon (c) BBC Studios. Four women in pink uniforms and with pink spiky wigs ride a due buggy type transport down a corridor towards a corner decorated with loud screens and neon signs.
The new edit of The Happiness Patrol is part of the Season 25 Collection out soon (c) BBC Studios

The Happiness Patrol was one of the most political stories of the 1980s, satirising the Tory government of the time

Whether coincidentally or not, the new merchandise comes out at just the right moment to celebrate the announcement that Season 25 is coming soon to The Collection Blu-ray range. The range includes a brand new edit of The Happiness Patrol, with updated FX to expand the scope of Terra Alpha’s tragicomic world. The story centres on Helen A and her Happiness Patrol death squads as they enforce a simple law: be happy or die. The Doctor Who team conceived it as a parody of Britain’s Conservative government at the time. In fact, years later Andrew Cartmel admitted it was their own small contribution to trying to topple the Tories. Now, in 2024, you can wear your love of The Happiness Patrol with Forbidden Planet’s range.

With a new story joining the range ever Tuesday, you only have to wait until Tuesday the 9th to find out what’s next.

In the meantime, you can check out the full Happiness Patrol range here.




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