As the news begins to come thick and fast regarding the return of Doctor Who, some juicy news nuggets regarding the series may have gone unnoticed. Here at Blogtor Who, “we” refer to the remaining episodes as Series 6, Part 2 (starting with Episode 8, Let’s Kill Hitler). You can listen to a special podcast HERE, where Blogtor and audio commentary chum Alexander J McKinnon discuss the new trailer.

You may have noticed the episode sections over to the right (no, your other right) have been updated with the latest titles. Blogtor tries not to post spoilers (unless clearly marked) but if it’s spoilers you’re looking for, check out Doctor Who Spoilers HERE. Included below are posts relevant to Series 6, Part 2.


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Promo pics & details

BBC America preview

BBC One trailer

BBC America Fall 2011 trailer

Comic Con trailer

Mark Gatiss in the trailer?

Trailer breakdown

Promotional pictures

Offical Site’s Episode Guide

Karen Gillan chats about the second half of the series


Episode 8 is penned by Steven Moffat and directed by Richard Senior (who also helmed the National TV Awards scene along with this year’s Comic Relief episodes). It airs on August 27 on BBC One and BBC America and Sep 3 in Australia on ABC1.

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Promotional pictures

The Prequel

Karen Gillan introduction

Edinburgh TV Festival screening

Episode synopsis and Edinburgh TV Festival screening details

BFI screening UPDATE!

BFI screening details


Written by Mark Gatiss, Episode 9 is directed by Richard Clark (The Doctor’s Wife) and stars Daniel Mays. Gatiss promises that the story “some of the scariest moments he’s ever dreamt up”; it’s also his first modern day tale. Karen Gillan has also called this story, “highly disturbing”… Blogtor can confirm that this episode is an absolute beauty – very scary, very funny and very touching (with many references to Who mythology).

Episode synopsis

Promo pics & details

Series 6 filming update

Mark Gatiss interview


Episode 10 is written by Tom MacRae (the 2006 Cybermen two~parter) and features an unscheduled visit to a quarantine facility for victims of an alien plague – “a plague that will kill the Doctor in a day”. The white robots spotted in the trailer and promo pics from this story are called “Handbots” and if they touch you, you got to sleep. Also featured are two Amy Ponds – one who is older due to being in a “faster time stream”. Rory wears specs, fights the Handbots in a gallery and says, “So I have to choose, which wife do I want?”

Promo pics & details


Toby Whithouse (The Vampires of Venice) returns for Episode 11 with David Walliams as an alien called Gibbis, a mole-looking creature who comes from a planet where the whole population are designed to be afraid. The story is set in a nightmarish hotel populated by a Minotaur, a clown and the Weeping Angels.

Promo pics & details


BBC America: Behind-the-Scenes

David Walliams to star in Doctor Who

First look at David Walliams in The God Complex


The penultimate story sees James Corden back as Craig Owens. Also returning to writing duties is the wonderful Gareth Roberts (The Lodger, The Unicorn and the Wasp and many excellent stories from The Sarah Jane Adventures). Matt smith described the episode, which also includes the Cybermen, as being similar to Three Men and a Baby. Filming pics also show the return of some familiar head~gear.

Filming Pics

James Corden returns to Who


SteeMo is back to pen the finale that seems to feature some familiar faces in unfamiliar roles (watch a video report HERE, spoilers!). It stars Mark Gatiss, Simon Callow (Charles Dickens in The Unquiet Dead), Simon Fisher-Becker (Dorium Maldovar) and Ian McNeice and includes the lines, “I don’t want to marry you,” and “I don’t want to murder you.”

NBC Today set visit [SPOILERS]

Mark Gatiss in the Series 6, Part 2 trailer?


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