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Guide to the Doctor Who 2015 Christmas Special – The Husbands of River Song

Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston (C) BBC
The Husbands of River Song
Written by Steven Moffat | Directed by Douglas Mackinnon
Starring: Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song), Greg Davies (King Hydroflax), Matt Lucas (Nardole), Phillip Rhys (Ramone) and Rowan Polonski (Flemming).

Airs 5.15pm, Dec 25 on BBC One.

Clip 2 HERE
Clip 1 HERE
12 teasers HERE
Spoiler-free review HERE
12 quotes HERE
Cast list HERE
DVD/Bluray available to order HERE
A closer look at the new Sonic Screwdriver HERE
Image breakdown of first two trailers HERE
New images of Hyrdoflax and Nardole (Greg Davies and Matt Lucas) HERE
What to expect from the episode HERE [SPOILERS!]
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Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat interview HERE
Greg Davies interview HERE
Episode image gallery HERE
First promo pics of Greg Davies and Matt Lucas HERE
Who’s Who in The Husbands of River Song HERE
Gallery of character promo pics HERE
Clips included in BBC trailers HERE
Steven Moffat talks bringing back River and change of tone HERE
• Episode synopsis HERE
First promo pic of Capaldi and Kingston HERE
First press release announcing Alex Kingston’s return HERE


  1. remember in big bang? i think when she first met plastic rory, she made a one off comment about being married to a headless something or another….(whatever rory was), notic in the pic, the big red thing is headless.


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