Last Christmas
60 minute special
Written by Steven Moffat (The Beast Below, Let’s Kill Hitler)
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst (Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express)

Peter Capaldi (Doctor Who) and Jenna Coleman (Clara) with
Nick Frost (Spaced) as Santa Claus,
Michael Troughton (The New Statesman) as Professor Albert,
Faye Marsay (Pride) as Shona,
Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street) as Ashley Carter, 
Nathan McMullen (Misfits) as Wolf,
Maureen Beattie (The Decoy Bride) as Bellows,
and Dan Starkey (Strax) as Ian.
Airs 6.15pm on BBC One,  9/8c on BBC America, Dec 25
7.30pm on ABC, Dec 26 in Australia

More details below

Started filming Sept 8 and finished on Oct 3.
Features creatures known as Dream Crabs/Sleepers. There’s also a flashback scene.

Nick Frost and Peter Capaldi. Courtesy of BBC Pictures.


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