BBC Three recently screened a one~off compilation of bloopers from television shows entitled, Great TV Mistakes. During the two hours a number of clips from Doctor Who (both “nu” and “classic”) and they’ve been collated here for your pleasure.


  1. Is it sad that I'd noticed quite a lot of these?
    They missed out the bit in TEOT when you can see the entire crew wearing high-vis jackets reflected in Davey T's sunglasses…

  2. There's also a flipped shot of Matt Smith in The Pandorica Opens. You can tell because his hair is parted on the opposite site and holds the sonic in his left hand.

  3. there's plenty mistakes not shown here but i tend to ignore them cos i'd rather just enjoy the show than dwell on any little errors.

  4. i argee with Carn, nit-picking like that is annoying sometimes – like in this series Rory's badge and in The Beast Below there were several obivous continuity errors like the smilers, the star whale and the voting booth. But i didn't know about them before one of my friends pointed it out. But it is funny how the production team make mistakes. some editors may be watching this and saying OMG i didn't notice that.

  5. There's an episode of Monk (Mr Monk & The Tv Star, I think it's called) where the ocd inflicted former cop is helping out with a case centering around a guy in a show. On the set between retakes of the same scene (for editing and angles and whatever) Monk sees a continuity error which the crew seem thankful at first but then he starts noticing more and more due to his ocd and detective skills to the point the crew end up getting a bit fed up with it all. That's what this reminded me of 🙂

  6. Don't pay a lick of attention to this stuff when it happens, but love to look at it and laugh later on. The most satisfying thing about them is that they're still happening today, despite all the money being thrown at the current series. Nothing like throwing a big Tennant era goof in the face of one of those snooty "fans" who likes to point out how "shoddy" the series used to be!

  7. Oh, and on this subject… anyone who saw THE EXPENDABLES catch Stallone's disappearing flak jacket in the cockpit scene near the end? One minute it's not there, the next it is, and then suddenly it's gone again!

  8. Extremely annoying & unfunny! This video comp and the narrator are as funny as child constantly kicking the back of your seat during an 8 hour flight!

  9. I was waiting this whole clip for them to mention the man splitting open his trousers during his death in The Horns of Nimon. It never came. I guess no one wanted to sit through the Horns of Nimon again to double check.

  10. The commentator didn't happen to mention a mistake he made himself. The destruction of St Stephen's Tower isn't CGI as he claimed. It was a model shot. And the orginal mistake, necessitating flipping the effect was made by the storyboard artist who drew the effect wrong in the first place. Credit where due, duckums!

  11. On the episode (partners in crime) season 4 with cathrine tate, where she is at the lose weight siminar, her mole keeps switching sides on her face.


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