The BBC have issued more promotional pictures from the last episode before the mid~series break, A Good Man Goes To War – click on the images for bigger versions. Featured are: The Doctor (MATT SMITH), River Song (ALEX KINGSTON), Kovarian (FRANCES BARBER), Jenny (CATRIN STEWART), Dorium Maldovar (SIMON FISHER-BECKER), Amy Pond (KAREN GILLAN), Commander Strax (DAN STARKEY) and The Hooded Monks.

Thanks to BBC Pictures

A Good Man Goes To War – Charlie Baker interview
A Good Man Goes To War – promo pics
The Almost People audio commentary
A Good Man Goes To War – prequel
A Good Man Goes To War – trailer


  1. Most of the characters we have seen before, but I wonder who "Jenny" is. A regenerated version of the character from "The Doctor's Daughter"? The little girl who was lumbering around in the spacesuit? Or someone else altogether?

  2. There was something on IMDB that was later removed under the A Good Man Goes To War page saying that the woman who played Lucy Saxon was going to be in the episode too and that Jenny here was going to be young 'Lucy Saxon'…now extrapolating on this, what if Jenny (10's daughter) regenerates into this Jenny here, and later into Lucy Saxon, and later still into RIVER SONG?


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