The BBC have issued the episode synopsis for episode 7 of the current series, A Good Man Goes To War – read it below. Just a reminder – this is the last episode before the mid~series break as announced HERE.

Amy Pond has been kidnapped and the Doctor is raising an army to rescue her as the drama continues. But as he and Rory race across galaxies, calling in long-held debts and solemnly given promises, his enemies are laying a carefully concealed trap. In her cell in Stormcage, River Song sadly acknowledges that the time has come at last – today will mark the Battle of Demons Run and the Doctor’s darkest hour. Both sides will make their sacrifices and River Song must finally reveal her most closely guarded secret to the Doctor.

Sat June 4 at 6.40pm on BBC One/HD

The Almost People – episode synopsis [SPOILERS]
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Next series to be “split transmission”


  1. If you watch the scene where grown Amy steps out of the Pandorica and talks to little Amelia, look at the background to the right of the Pandorica. Behind a statue is a hooded figure. As the camera starts to pan right, you even see someone's get out of the way. Some thought it was one of the crew members accidentally in the way. Some think it was another cloaked figure.

  2. Holy crap, I just checked, and I found that cloak getting out of shot (13:30), and there are TWO cloaked figures in frame, one behind each standing Egyptian sarcophagus!!!!!! Hidden in plain sight! Moff is mad with power. MAD!


  3. Holy freakin' heck! There were monsters (more or less) in Season Five that we didn't even *notice*??? Whoa. Now I'm actually glad my hubby isn't caught up yet — he's just up to "The Pandorica Opens", so I'll have a great chance to watch for these!

    Mind blown! That's been happening a lot since Moffat took over…

  4. Wow, I just noticed the figures in the museum after watching it again. When Amy first is let out of the Pandorica, the sarcophagus' are leaning towards the wall. The next scenes the mummies are all upright and the dark figures are still there.

    Amazing, I've watched TBB 3 times and never noticed that till now.

  5. @Heatherfeather/calli arcale TBB – Holy F'ing hell! Moff hid another hint in plain sight again just like in Flesh and Stone.


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